I am back!

Jennifer BicharaI cannot believe I have not blogged for over a month!

Let me say, I do have the time but my energy is spent between the two, my work and caring for my brother.  Not complaining though.  Happy at my current job and also, happy that I am able to help my brother and his illness considering the lack of adequate health care in my province.  Despite the challenges, trials and tribulations, I still thanked God for all the blessings he had showered me for the past few months.

Yesterday, Cath of Salt for Vanilla stopped by my blog and said hello.  She also did a post about me being her inspiration on her current crisis Serendipity and I  This post is dedicated to her and I would like to tell her thank you and your welcome. She is a sweet lady and she calls me Ate.  Ate is a form of respect for the elders.  No, I am not a senior citizen but I am a few years older than her.  She is one of the few Filipina followers I have. She has so much talent in cooking – everyone should go check her blog out.

Since its Friday, I would like to give you a little entertainment.  The video is in Korean but I totally adore the kid in Gangnam Style – Min-woo Hwang.   Am pretty sick of Gangnam Style but the kid, I love him to death.  This kid can dance.  AMAZING!  He will be great one day…

So enjoy and have a Happy Friday and a merry weekend! BTW, Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone…

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