Don Ramon Tamarind Wine

Just updated my header with this lovely photo of me enjoying my Don Ramon Tropical Fruit Wine – The Tamarind Fruit.  Tell you, don’t be fooled. It is a pretty strong wine.  I got tipsy and slept pretty darn good last night.  The kind of wine, you would like to take after a longs days hard work.  Yummy! Go check them out…Tomorrow, will stop by Naga City markets and get me some more..

They have Bignay Wine, Banana, Pineapple, Guyabano and many more.. A type of wine that will take you to heaven’s door. 🙂

Don Ramon Tropical Wine Collection (MYA Food Industry)  Don Ramon Tropical Wine Collection (MYA Food Industry)


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  1. OOOhhh, that type of wine sounds interesting to taste! I do not know what Guyabano tastes like (except via Google search descriptions), but I am always up for looking to try new wines.


    1. Hi Frances,

      Thank you for stopping by. They taste delish. As a matter of fact, I got me Guyabano and Bignay Wine. Bignay Fruit is a tropical fruit and when made into wine, it taste like merlot.


      1. Interesting about bignay wine…perhaps it would taste good with chocolate.


      2. Hi Frances,

        It is a combination of drinking Merlot and Sangria.

        Best, Jenny


  2. valentine chimezie says:

    please how can i make wine using tamarind pulp? I really need your help Am kind of working on my project


      Please follow link, it will give you instructions on making wine using tamarind pulp


  3. classico says:

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