Taste like Baileys – Palmera Coco Crème Liqueur!

Today, I got a call from the Emall Trade Show organizers saying I won a price. It felt like a million dollars but it was just a small token from one of the native handicraft vendors. Thank you Bidibidi for the wonderful token of appreciation!

While I was there claiming my prize, I stumbled upon a new coconut liqueur called Palmera Coco Crème Liqueur. As you know on my several posts, I am a big fan of Don Ramon’s Tropical Wine. According to Yolanda Buena Oliva of YML Health Food Products, it tastes like Baileys so I got it. I am checking it now while writing this post, it really does taste like Baileys.  Pretty strong drink I say.  Feels like Lambanog so go easy on it, it is a kicker.

Palmera Coco Crème Liqueur

She is the only sole distributor of the product so if you are in Bicol and is curious on checking out Palmera’s Coconut Coco Crème Liqueur, give her a call.

YML Health Food Products


Email: yollyoliva@yahoo.com

She also makes tea and herbs from Moringa leaves (Or, Malungay Leaves for short). Moringa, also known as the Miracle Tree, is a multipurpose plant, as the leaves, pods, fruits, flowers, roots and bark of the tree can be utilized. It is also referred to as Drumstick Tree by the Britishers.  In the Philippines, they are referred to as malunggay or malungay.  Others refer to moringa as horseradish tree, benzolive tree, kelor, marango, mlonge, moonga, nébéday, saijhan, sajna or Ben oil tree.  Scientific research confirms that these humble leaves are a powerhouse of nutritional value. Gram for gram, moringa leaves contain: SEVEN times the vitamin C in oranges, FOUR times the Calcium in milk, FOUR times the vitamin A in carrots, TWO times the protein in milk and THREE times the Potassium in bananas. (Source: Ed Lagman)


I am a big fan of anything organic and I try to stay local most of the time if I can help them a bit……

Okay, this is it for now, have a happy and blessed weekend!!!!


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  1. If I haven’t already said so, I really like the new Blog look here!


    1. Thank you Resa, I like it too! Have a wonderful week…


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