He who cannot forgive others


“The rule is: we cannot really forgive ourselves unless we look at the failure in our past and call it by its right name.”
Lewis B. Smedes – Forgive & Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve

Lately, I have been thinking about my past.

I could have changed a lot of my past mistakes but I cannot rewind so all I need to do is actually, forgive my past and just move forward and make the most of my present life.  There is nothing I can do but make the most of what I have today – really!

Everyone wants to change a part of their life so I am not alone.

In the past, I let my past control my past life. I fell into depression and was making emotional decisions about everything. It wasn’t good. Recently, since I came back almost 2 years ago, I started thinking. I cannot live this way anymore.  Forgive the past and just let it go. Since then, I became a stronger person inside and out. Worked on my self-esteem and I started believing on my self-worth. Boy, did I rebound to a better person 100 ten-folds.

Life is not easy for everyone including me. I take care of myself and no one takes care of me.  I cannot destroy my life and waste my life away. Eventually, I stood up after falling down very hard 2 years ago.

Despite the challenges and trials, I still consider myself very blessed.

Thank you God for everything. You never left my side. You were always there.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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12 thoughts on “He who cannot forgive others

  1. Hi Jenny, we must embrace all of our past experiences with the same gratitude, for they have made us who we are today. We will never know for sure which one gave us our strength, compassion, kindness, tolerance, humour or love – so we must appreciate them all without exception. Sounds like you did that. 🙂


    1. Thank you Stuart. So very true, if not because of my past, I would not have become me right now. I stumbled so hard and fell into a very deep depression. Never taught I could have recovered but I did by simply forgiving my myself and my past. Letting go on all the resentments and bitterness.


  2. Forgiveness is a journey alright! You’ve summed it up beautifully!
    I am always amazed when I look in that rear view mirror and can now see how much God carried me -He never left my side, either.
    Aren’t we blessed?


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