3 Kitties with their Mama!

So cute, all of them in the basket.

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  1. stuartart says:

    So cute! Looks like the top one is sniggering. 🙂


  2. Ahh! Ooooh!! Aaahhh!!! Ooooh!! Ahhhhh! It doesn’t get any cuter!


    1. I know Resa…Yeah, I still need to get them spayed though. 😉


      1. I have 3 darlings!. It’s a bit of a trauma, but it won’t happen right away. Mama will the the first, or you will have more baskets of joy. 😉 😉
        It’s a one time expense, and very worth it!


      2. Thank you Resa for the great advise.
        Best, Jenny


  3. marviiilous says:

    That’s truly a basket full of love! 🙂


    1. Yes indeed and thank you for stopping by.


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