My happy birthday wish!

Happy birthday cake!

I wish myself a very, very, very happy birthday!
No special dinner or party celebration.
Just a simple one night stay in a place I call Shang-rila.
That’s okay, I will be spending some quite time with me, God and nature.
I wish for a very good year to come for me, my family and to all my friends.
And not forgot, to those who have followed, liked, commented and stopped by my blog space. Thank you.
I wish for a year where my initiatives, aspirations, goals and wishes will work out well for me.
I also wish myself to grow and be a better person than I have been for the past years.
And I wish for me to succeed in living a life that fulfills me and my inner growth.
Lastly, I wish I could be partying with you guys in blogosphere.
So sending you a funny Happy Birthday video courtesy of Meryartist . The same from last year.

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  1. zendictive says:

    happy b-day (*_*)


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