KEVIN A SABINO’S OUTBURSTS *This are for sale…..

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Design Consultant/Design Director/Art Director
Telephone 6612427 Cell 917-473-2703
*Please call and mention source of discovery:
Say Jennifer Bichara of
Visualizer J Walther Thompson
Art Director BasicFoote Cone and Belding
Executive Art Director Amiratti Puris Lintas
Design Director Agenda Magazine
Creative Director Sarisari Fashion magazine
Art Director Private Joyce Magazine
Creative Director/Owner Red Planet designs
Consultant Benetton, Giftgate, and Swatch
Associate Creative Director Jimenez Basic
Head of Art Harrison Communications
Head of Art McCann World Group
Design Consultant Ralph Lauren, Sperry Topsider, Keds, Pony, No fear, and Skechers.
Lux, Creamsilk, Palmolive, Magnolia, Phillipine Airlines, Rexona, Axe, Ovaltine, Asia Brewery, Unilever, Jolibee, Hu man Fashions, Bench, Sarisari, Cebu Pacific, Nissan, San Miguel Corp. Unilab, Red Ribbon, Levis, Coke, Globe, Globe Tattoo, Ralph Lauren Sperry Topsider, Keds, Pony.FainNays and Bluewaters, and Pats Creek Bar.
*London festivals Gold
*Newyork Radio and TV Festivals Gold
*Hollywood Radio and Television Society Certificate of Recognition
*Asian Awards Finalist
*Creative Guild Awards
*Araw awards
*Designed The Levis Building Warp in Edsa
*Guinnes Book of World Records
*Designed Logos for Rama at Sita
*The Movie Rizal, Alamat, Creative Guild logo
*GMA giant reach logo, Unitel
*Designed the ”LOOK” and logo of Globe Tattoo

4 thoughts on “KEVIN A SABINO’S OUTBURSTS *This are for sale…..

    • Hello Nonon,

      Did not see that you wanted this. All I saw was your question. I am asking him again about the price.

      Sorry again.

      His Average Pricing:
      Acrylics/Colored are priced at 18K to 25K..Standard to Bigger Sizes up to 20×24.
      Colored Watercolors are priced at 12k to 20k
      A3 Size ink paintings starts at 10k for small ones bond size to 20×30…45 to 50k price.

      *All are negotiable
      *By the way, some paintings are already sold but he can do a similar rendition.

      For bookings, you can call him at his landline 6612427 or his cell 917-473-2703. You can also email him at


      • Here is his answer:

        According to him, he can redo the painting as it was damaged during the typhoon. It is A3 sized and below standard size. It is watercolor with the price of 25K. He is currently working on a future exhibit for Yuchenco Museum.


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