Ronna Lara-Bes, The Multi-Faceted Artist

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The artist would describe herself as multi-faceted, for she has developed skills of seemingly different disciplines. However, one mutual denominator among them is that they all resolve around artistic pursuits. Her art endeavors have dominated her life for as long as she can remember.

Ronna Lara-Bes is an alumnus of Architecture in University of Santo Tomas, a course that helped combined the technical and the creative side of her artistry. Her professional life is dedicated to creativity and the teaching of it. She is a part-time instructor at Feati University School of Fine Arts. Her early years, she saw her as a fashion designer, then as an architectural visualizer, product designer, 3D Animator, photographer and visual effects artist—An all-around artist!

In the field of traditional art, her choice mediums are oil, acrylics and watercolour. She switches from one to another to keep her perspective constantly fresh, yet continually retaining her unique artistic identity. This is yet another manifestation of her multifaceted nature. Her work is often been described as possessing cleanliness and shades have and having that three-dimensional effect which oftentimes amuses her given her computer graphics background.

Cyclic Beauties

Her latest solo exhibit “CYCLIC BEAUTIES” opened last Thursday, November 13 at ART Elements Asian Gallery.

She is an active member of “United Women Artist Association of the Philippines.” It is an association of empowered Filipina artists, here and abroad. (See future post)

If you are interested in getting in touch with her and having a work commissioned, please contact her via her Facebook page, she goes under the name Ronski Beski.

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