KIMNETIX NETWORX: Celebrates Life in Art and So Much More

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Filipino art Facebook online communities provide a wide range of opportunities for supporting a cause, marketing the creative, or building an open source of realization that Filipino artist can also succeed in the hard to crack world of art. These Filipino art communities help others see that they are as good as their Western counterparts. Kim Marcelo’s advocacy, Kimnetix and AFKN’s founder – Wine Merchant, PR and Marketing Consultant, and Event Organizer–aims to help our own as much as he can.

Kimnetix Networx is an online magazine type Facebook page where it gives Filipino artists a chance to get featured and showcase their works – whether in the field of visual arts, literature, music, dance, theater, film, and/or architecture. Thus, Artist Friends of Kimnetix Networx (AFKN) was born. AFKN is a virtual online art group which aims to be friends with every Filipino artist and give each one a larger audience. It is not an official art group as it is generally a lifestyle page according to Kim. Kimnetix Networx also features the best dining destinations in the country and what these establishments have to offer. Events that audiences will be interested in, gadgets and even including fashion. In 2014, it was able to do three events for the arts and one for culinary.

Kimnetix Networx is the 2nd art group I joined and many of my current artist features came from this page and from AFKN as well. I love this group and am sure you will enjoy seeing all the wonderful artworks by Filipino artists. He says, “Everyone is welcome to like Kimnetix Networx and join AFKN!”

Feel free to contact Kim Marcelo via Facebook or his email:

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