Q&A: Intense Realism in Clint Normandia’s Art

His art stands out as his paintings are a combination of classic realistic views with a touch of modern twist. Keen on detail in his utilization of space and fine control of the brush, Normandia gives significant dimension to the treatment of light and shade in his drawings and paintings. All his compositions are distinct and lines are sleek with elements which points to Normandia’s contemporary sights. He goes beyond traditional concepts and gives a playful punch to his masterfully painted subjects. His execution and detailed in capturing beauty of the human body and his art goes beyond the standards of traditional aesthetic norms. His artistic boldness and his drive to perfection can only be seen in artists of Normandia’s caliber.

Purely a self-taught painter, Clint earned his additional artistic knowledge under the tutelage of Jose “Kimsoy” Yap, Jr and got inspiration and pointers from Romulo Galicano. Clint was also elected as the youngest president of Cebu Art Association and is currently an active member of Portrait Artists Society of the Philippines.

Clint hails from Misamis Occidental but currently lives in Cebu City. He is a consistent finalist and winner of the Martino Abellana Annual Art Competition in Carcar, Cebu and got his most coveted award as a Grand Prize winner for Art Petron in 2003.

Get to know more of Clint personally on this artist reflection Q&A. Enjoy!

Clint Normandia, Art, Artist, Filipino Art, Artist Feature, Filipino Artist, Realism, Modern Art, Philippines

Clint Normandia, Art, Artist, Filipino Art, Artist Feature, Filipino Artist, Realism, Modern Art, Philippines

Clint Normandia, Art, Artist, Filipino Art, Artist Feature, Filipino Artist, Realism, Modern art, Philippines
The Nude – By Clint Normandia, Philippines

You are an architect, a theologian and a painter. How does that work for you? How did theology come into the picture? You are also a pastor?

First of all because of my eagerness in searching for the answer of life’s questions and the existence of The Creator, lead me to precede my study of Theology.

It all works together. My architectural background helps my painting build in a good foundation while my theological background gives a profound meaning to its intention and purpose.

No, I’m not a pastor nor do I do pastoring to any congregation or a church, but I’m involved in the ministry of music in our church.

You worked as an art teacher at a rehabilitation center for abused children. How did that come about?

It all came about by an opportunity and because of my passion and burden to the ministry.  I’d like to share my humble little God given talent to the abused and indigent’s kids in an orphanage as where I’m presently working at the Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch. And more of that, I believe they need it not just for them to gain knowledge in art but as for therapy as well.

You work for a security agency now? How so?

No not anymore because from time to time, I realized that I’m not following my inner passion. So I decided to quit working on a security agency which is owned by our family but instead, I got back on painting and teaching as well.

Architecture is your first profession. It is related to painting. How do you juggle the two jobs?

It juggled together because it works and compliments each other as one. But actually this time, I concentrate more on paintings rather than architectural works.

How long have you been a painter? You are already an architect, why did you decide to pursue painting as well? What is your first work as a painter? What is your best work so far and why?

As far as I can remember, it begun at my early age since the accident happened to my left leg caused by a gun fire. Because of my disability, I could not play with my friends anymore. Instead, I just kept on drawing and painted inside our house.

I decided to pursue painting because I’d like to do more than architecture.

I don’t really exactly remember my first work or painting because I started painting since I was a child. Cannot be counted anymore on how much works I’ve already produced.

Well talking about “best work” for me, I see it in this way: “My next work will be my best work.”

What are the highlights of your journey as an artist so far? What are the memorable events in your life as a painter?

First, I think one of the highlights of my journey as an artist is when I won the national title of painting competition at “3rd Art Petron National Art Competition” last 2003.

Second highlight is when I was elected as a President of Cebu Art Association (CAA).

And then thirdly, when I was given an opportunity to join the Art Tabang Project for Yolanda Victims. This gave me an opportunity to share my humble God given talent to help others in need. At least, this fulfilled my reason to exist as an artist.

Clint Normandia, Art, Artist, Filipino Art, Artist Feature, Filipino Artist, Realism, Modern Art, Philippines

Clint Normandia, Art, Artist, Filipino Art, Artist Feature, Filipino Artist, Realism, Modern Art, Philippines

Clint Normandia, Art, Artist, Filipino Art, Artist Feature, Filipino Artist, Realism, Modern Art, Philippines
Sinulog Dancer, Artist: Clint Normandia, Philippines

You sell your paintings? What was the most expensive of your paintings that you sold?

Most expensive? Oh my, I’m not that expensive or that highly priced artist. (Laughing)

But for me, the most expensive one as far as I can remember I think is when we were in need and had nothing but only painting. Then, somebody bought my painting, not to mention the amount but it’s the value of that money was enough to meet our needs on that specific time. I thanked God for answering our prayers when I had nothing but only painting.

Who are your most valued clients, your favorites?

I have lots of valued clients. I think all of them are my favorites. I have no favoritism (Laughing) and I thank all of them for their support.

Is art in your family? How does your wife and kids take it?

In our family, I’m the only artist. But my mom said our forefathers in our mother side are musicians.

With my kids, my eldest daughter 16 years who has musical talent and my 2nd daughter, 14 years has the artistic talent.

What are the goings on in your life right now as a painter that you would like to share to the public (events, galleries, exhibits…)?

I’m currently in a group exhibit just here in Cebu at Banilad Town Center entitled, “Pasiunang Halad.” It is ongoing from Jan. 14 until Feb. 16, 2015.

And also, now preparing for my upcoming one man exhibit in Manila most probably at Artasia Gallery in Sm Megamall.I do not know the specific time and schedule yet, but it’s gonna be this year.

All images courtesy of the artist.

For more about the artist, you can find him at his Facebook page here.


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