Painter & Performance Artist Spotlight: Goddess Nunistell Mae Fulo-Lee

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One of the first components of Nunistell Mae Fulo- Lee’s style is her penchant for flowing lines and spirals. She uses thick textured paints which seems like the subject of her art is dancing elegantly—an attribute to natural evolution of innate artistic sensibility.

Miss Nunistell art is influenced by her dance background—who was a former member of the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company. She hails from Bacolod City who was last year’s Vice-President of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros. She is now focusing her attention to the Negrense artist’s exhibits at Museo Diocesano of Bacolod as an organizer.

Miss Nunistell was among the privileged few dancers who auditioned and were accepted into this acclaimed dance company. She was with the Bayanihan from 1998 to 2003 and took part in its performances here and abroad. She visited 14 countries and represented the Philippines for international dance festivals and competitions.

After Bayanihan, Miss Nunistell concentrated in the arts but she never forgot her roots in dancing.  She became friends with the ethnic group of musicians so sometimes; she will perform and render a neo-ethnic dance routine during the opening ceremony of any art shows she participates in.

Miss Nunistell joined Association of Bacolod last 2011 and from then on, she focused in painting art. In her first group exhibit, her three mixed-media works were sold immediately.  In the process, she was inspired to paint and paint; thus, found her true identity.

“I like to paint that is pleasing in the eyes that are inspiring to look at. We have so many problems in this world; now, why make something that is hard, deep and stressful to look at. So what I prefer to create are the ones that are soft, presentable, elegant, and inspiring—the ones that makes us happy.” she said.

In the realm of the visual arts, Miss Nunistell’s plans to make many dance figures in costumes. If ever, to have a solo exhibit but all of this needs to be planned for first according to her.

Stellar is the word that best describes Miss Nunistell Mae Fulo-Lee who remains humble despite her many accomplishments. She’s also a devoted mother to her daughter, Baby Ela, and a gem of a friend to her peers and colleagues in the local art industry.

“I’m simple & optimistic kind of person. Art is my passion. I love dancing, designing, drawing, painting, and modeling—& even just posing under the sun in Boracay beach. Travelling in different parts of the world is a pleasure and a treasure to keep. My family is my inspiration and God leads our way to live,” she quoted.

Images courtesy of the artist.

Reference article: Sunstar

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