Filipina Visual Artist: Princess Niña N. Cruz

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Name of Artist: Princess Niña N. Cruz / Princess / Cess

Art Form: Visual Arts

Areas of Interest:

Still finding projects that I can commit with.

Artist Statement:

I am Princess, 19.

The one who introduced me to art is my mother. She enrolled me to an art workshop when I was only three years old. I took a rest for a couple of years then enrolled to a workshop again. In high school (UP Integrated School), we had an art class that was instructed by Anton Del Castillo, an award-winning artist. He helped me and my classmates to enhance our skills.

Now that I am in college (University of the Philippines Diliman), my course is not art-related but I still make art because it helps me remove the stress that college gives me. I can paint (acrylic & oil) but the most comfortable medium for me is charcoal pencil. Also, I still keep on exploring techniques on YouTube to be comfortable with other mediums (e.g. ballpen, watercolor, & colored pencils!) as well.

You can contact the artist here:

Images provided by the artist. Feature Image Credits: Cristina via Facebook.

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