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Name: Patrick D. Esmao

Art Form: Visual Art

Areas of Interest

I started with painting, but right now I’m exploring what I call “TOO-DIMENSIONAL ART”. Too-Dimensional stands for “very dimensional”. A wall bound sculpture using 3D geometric objects made out of paper boards. At this stage of exploring this type of art, most of my works are confined within a frame; I’m planning to make it more interactive to the audience similar to that of an installation art.


I was born on October 30 1986 at Baras, Rizal. I took up Education at the University of Rizal System, major in Drafting. I excelled in the area of commercial arts where I developed my knowledge in colors, composition, design principles and self-expressions through visual media. I explored my creativity by joining art contest and learn from experiences.

In 2007 after graduating, I spent a year painting murals for schools. And in 2008, together with three other friends, we organized a group in Morong, Rizal known as MUSTRA ARTISTS GROUP. On the same year, I was hired as a teacher at Rizal High School in Pasig City where I teach arts for more than seven (7) years now.

Landscapes and rural scenes are the themes of my early works; this kind of subjects connects me to my roots, places where I grew up.  When I moved to Pasig City to work as full-time teacher, I frequent galleries and shows trying to learn from different artist. Different encounters lead me to rediscovering my artistry. From landscapes, I tried figurative (nude) painting. It’s a bit of a struggle because I have to borrow photo references from other people and I felt like I did not create anything in the process of reproducing other people’s photograph.  I tried abstract painting for a very short time and produce very little of these kind of work, although some of the element of my recent artworks are in abstraction.

In 2014, I experimented on a different form of texture. Instead of creating texture using paint or other thickener I decided to create depth on the base support itself using 3D geometric forms and this is what I call TOO-DIMENSIONAL ART today. I started with animals and flowers as subjects in a representational abstraction. My 2015 TOO-DIMENSIONALSCAPE SERIES is what really defines the future of the artwork that I want to pursue. In this series, I used poster board to achieve sharper edges on the 3D geometric forms. I used 165 pieces of pyramids for each of the 5 artworks. Framed and enclosed in glass to protect the material from elements. I wanted to create visual representation of an abstract concept using this type of art, but some of the artworks are inspired by physical objects that convey certain themes.


Facebook, Deviant Art, and Behance.


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Images provided by the artist.

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