Tondo Art: “Sculpture of the New Century: Seb Chua’s Art”

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To connect with the artist, please click the collage. Source: Seb Chua

Seb Chua is a sculptor who strives to capture the rightest quintessence of the subject at hand through affirmative messages such as love, care and family values for everyone to see. His cast sculptures, whether in bronze, marble or brass are an evolution against the backdrop of art through history.

His pursuit of art is a means of human expression of varied influences with themes that show a distinctly modern cubistic nature and metaphorical composition of shapes and forms. The faceless portraits—the anonymity and sole identity of Seb Chua’s works represent humanity so that the viewer can narrate as the character within the artwork.

~~~ To read the whole article please click on the link: Sculpture of the New Century: Seb Chua’s Art:

Photography by: Jeri Barrios

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  1. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Thank you for providing this information.


    1. Your welcome Minna 🙂


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