The Beanie and Bren Show by Bren Bataclan

The Beanie and Bren Show — Join best buddies, #BeanieandBren, for weekly #creative #adventures of #art, #crafts, #friendship and #fun. www.beanieandbren.comBren’s Bataclan is a Filipino-American artist who began his street art installation in the summer of 2003. The painting involves the artist leaving his cartoon inspired FREE paintings for takers who ‘promise to smile.’ He calls this SmileyB Project. Bren started around the Boston area but has since gone worldwide with his project and has begun to paint murals and exhibit his paintings across the country.

To get to know the artist, please read the linked article which I previously wrote extensively about Bren’s Art and his Smile Movement back in June 2015: Bren Bataclan, artist who gives free artwork for a promise to smile.

Now, his up to something new: He has started a new project—“The Beanie and Bren Show.”  Although, The SmileB Project is all about giving free artworks for a promise to smile— this show carries the same objective. It is all about fun, friendship, creativity, and above all…smiles!

Join best buddies, Beanie and Bren, for weekly creative adventures of art, crafts, friendship and fun.

The Beanie and Bren Show — Join best buddies, #BeanieandBren, for weekly #creative #adventures of #art, #crafts, #friendship and #fun.
Feel free to follow “The Beanie and Bren Show” Facebook page by clicking the image link above.


Images provided by the artist.

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  1. Many, many thanks for blogging about my show. I love what you do for the art community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you also Bren…I am also so proud of what you do. ❤


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