The Whimsical Art of Buhay Mendoza

#Art #WhimsicalArt #WhimsicalPaintings #WhimsicalArtworks #FantasyArt by #BuhayMendoza, #FilipinoArtist #ArtPh www.jennysserendipity.comWhimsical art is an effervescent and playful that is unique, out-of-the-ordinary, or fanciful. This type of art is commonly associated with children’s book illustrations and fairy tale art, which aims to lifts the spirit and makes you happy. Whimsical artwork might be characterized by its color, design, line, or subject matter. Whimsical paintings are usually bright and colorful, and their subject matter is sometimes humorous.

Many artists identify with being called “whimsical” because of their philosophy. They want to create images that are playful, cheerful, and carefree which aims to make the viewer smile or laugh, or look at the world around them in a different way. A whimsical artist is a person with great imagination, very intuitive and a child at heart.

Dwight-Buhay or simply “BUHAY” is a Filipino artist who turns everyday people into whimsical figures. BUHAY’s whimsical art is a childlike glimpse into his over-active imagination. These creatures are endearing yet enigmatic, and the same time – odd, crisscrossing the threshold between fantasy and reality. Many of his whimsical creatures contain a quiet tranquility, thoughtful in their own odd ways. His art is restrained, still, and yet, meditative in nature. They often bear a telling gaze, as if they can see something that we don’t. Their eyes are always wide and their lips are sealed.

Buhay’s methodological execution brings this idea to the audience even when the psychological aspects may remain covert to the viewer. The means whereby all of us arbitrate the world in which we live are intellectual and emotional. An intellectual response is learned; whereas emotion is inherent and Buhay’s work is a trajectory of both characteristics, and through these it brings the honesty of life from his paintings.

Whimsical Art By Buhay Mendoza – Tittle : The Golden Heart Bearer . Oil on Canvas. (61 x 61 cm ) 2014.

He distinctly transfers his subjects into canvases to tell a story in hopes that they will touch others too. Though Buhay is primarily self-taught, he began to develop his painting skills and further enhanced his overall artistic abilities through the guidance of renowned artists. He draws inspiration from Impressionist masters such as Edouard Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, Frederic Bazille and Morgan Weistling. His primary source of inspiration; however, lies in the wing of renowned artist Sir Fernando B. Sena who he had formal training with.

#Art #WhimsicalArt #WhimsicalPaintings #WhimsicalArtworks #FantasyArt by #BuhayMendoza, #FilipinoArtist #ArtPh

The artist uses a variety of mediums in his artwork including oils, acrylics, watercolour and pastels. His primary subjects are the human figures; it fascinates him to express a person’s character through lines, lights and shadows. His genre is more on Expressionism, Impressionism and Realism.

Buhay as he’s known by his contemporaries from Tuesday Group and Art Association of the Philippines as a hardworking artist with the passion for the craft that immerses deeply as he began to embrace the life of being a full-time artist.  Buhay simply believes that while one doesn’t always begin one’s working life as an artist, one can nevertheless be born an artist. As in his case, it sometimes takes years of various jobs before one attains the possibility of dedicating life to art. As a youth, survival priorities barred even the thought of artistic inclination.

#Art #WhimsicalArt #WhimsicalPaintings #WhimsicalArtworks #FantasyArt by #BuhayMendoza, #FilipinoArtist #ArtPh www.jennysserendipity.comBuhay has made Deparo, Caloocan City his home a move from his native town – Calauag, Quezon.  He worked as a Graphic Artist/ Illustrator for 5 years in which he worked on mock ups, backdrops, and miniature props for movies and commercials. Currently, he has a studio in Caloocan where his creative mind works and flourishes. You can view his artwork in Art Verite Gallery in Ayala Museum.


  • July 28, 2015 – Fourth Solo Show at Art19B Gallery, Blue Ridge QC
  • December 20, 2014 – Third Solo Show at An Binh Gallery (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • October 2013 – Manila Art 2013, The Fort Tent
  • August 13, 2013 – Second Solo Show at Gallery Nine SM Megamall
  • October 2012 – Manila Art 2012 at SMX MOA
  • August 9, 2010 – First Solo Show at Enterprise Building, Ayala Makati

***A Selection of Buhay Mendoza’s Art Masterpieces***

(Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the artwork, and then swipe or use the arrows to scroll)

Images supplied by the artist.

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