Esensya: Crafting from the heart with Cristina Aberasturi

Esensya Productos Artesanales Esensya is a community-driven social enterprise that features handcrafted items made by women from all over the Philippines. Developed by Cristina Aberasturi, Esensya helps Filipinas earn income through their crafts. All of their products are 100% Philippine-made that are beautiful, functional, and durable.

Inabel blanket available at Warm Snuggles Collection and Gnomes from Esensya Productos Artesanales.

Esensya operates from Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao; is under the banner of Floristeria Cagayan de Oro City which is owned by Cristina’s sister – Maria Raisa Aberasturi-Velez. She gets help from her sister for any Cagayan De Oro City transactions while she runs the entire operation. Among their popular items are those handmade for kids — including character amigurumi (crocheted or knitted stuffed toys using the Japanese method), booties, rompers and finger puppets.

Esensya’s mission is to increase economic opportunity in by bringing rural women together through a social enterprise, facilitating their growth and encouraging the craftsman to strive for personal advancement, raise stronger families, and stimulate local economies.

Meet the heart of Esensya below:

Rural artisans are the driving force behind Esensya and the ultimate reason it exists. As they gain skills, knowledge and economic independence, they will have enough courage to go on their own.

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Elvira in Hong Kong at Avenue of Stars
#Esensya #Crochet #Crafts #HandcraftedProducts by #CristinaAberasturi #PhilippineHandmade #ProudlyFilipino #SocialEnterprise
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Launched in November 2013, Esensya is a social enterprise operating under fair-trade principles. Esensya goes beyond fair trade wage scales to pay its artisans livable wages while it is designed so that any profit from their sales is utilized for social impact projects, which benefit the other artisans, their families and the communities in which they live-in.

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#Esensya #Crochet #Crafts #HandcraftedProducts by #CristinaAberasturi #PhilippineHandmade #ProudlyFilipino #SocialEnterprise
From Vientiane to Rome, Esensya’s gnomes travels a lot!! “By @kriziacb “Ciao da Roma! – Robin at the Coliseum in Roma.

The idea is to help small communities develop products by giving them materials to work on. Once the production is done, Esensya will buy the handmade products at competitive prices, and resell in order to make a small overhead enough to maintain the store and kickstart other projects with different artisans and craftsmen.

Esensya’s home and kids line made it to the Smart Parenting Magazine article for being #ProudlyPinoy. Do check them out and at the same time support and take pride in Filipino creativity and ingenuity by checking these unique Filipino-owned brands that cater to kids and babies, brands that Pinoy moms and dads like you could be proud-off. 

Learn more about Esensya Productos Artesenales by visiting their website or Facebook page. To download their brochure, feel free to click the link here.

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***A Selection of  Esensya’s Handicraft Products***

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