MASTERPIECES: 3rd Solo Exhibition by Jensen Moreno

When I paint, I use 110% of my brain to direct my hand to perform a thing called Masterpiece.  ~ Jensen Moreno 2008

Dos Pueblos Art Gallery presents MASTERPIECES, the new solo exhibition by renowned Global Filipino artist, Jensen Moreno opening on April 1st 2016. Masterpieces marks Jensen’s third solo exhibition in Manila.

Jensen Moreno was born in Bataan, Philippines and is currently based in Beijing, China. She is at present a visual art teacher at Beijing International Bilingual Academy. She received her Masters and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts majored in Painting from University of Santo Tomas.

To learn more about the artist, please read my featured articles linked below:

She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. The most recent ones are at Art Fair China Beijing International, ASEAN Ladies Circle Gathering by the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines, BIBA Art Expo 2015, “Thirty-One” solo exhibition in China and Taipei. Her works are housed in international public and private collections.

MASTERPIECES are a collection of the artist masterful portraits from the past to present. It includes “THE GOAL” which is one of the most important paintings at the ASEAN Ladies Circle event. Held in Philippine Embassy in Beijing, China. Portraits of some VIPs from Philippines, Vietnam and China will showcase at the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from 1 April to 10 April 2016. Opening reception starts at 6:30pm.

(Address: 3rd Level, Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. Corner Hermady, New Manila, Philippines)

Jensen Moreno will be available for press interviews during the exhibit from April 1st; interested journalists, please contact Jensen Moreno at and to make an appointment.

Jensen Moreno Fostering Creativity to Excellence:

Jensen Moreno’s notion of creativity is more than originality.  It is about perfection and excellence which institutes developing improvement. It is a concept which is analogous to the implied theories of creativity. Jensen infers not only the source of origin. Her works are unrelenting production of the origin, that is, the creativity. She singles out originality and imagination as the key to creativity. Her execution is a special attribute that somehow makes the act itself enigmatic.

Creativity in arts is all about liberating the energy to the canvas. Her art is dynamic, diverse and distinct. It is imaginative, ingenious, innovative and inventive. She loves taking risks and challenging the convention. Her art lies in direct proportion to the existence of art. Her level of skill, creativity and emotion is perfection and effectiveness. That had its roots in the subconscious. And was the source of new masterful discoveries.

MASTERPIECES: 3rd solo exhibition by Jensen Moreno
“THE GOAL” Portrait of Martijn Horters, 4×7 Ft Oil on Canvas

Behind the ART:  “I am thankful that I have learned from the best art professors. Who should take credit for stimulating my creativity and originality! Now I have developed a process where my painting will never be easily replicated.”

MASTERPIECES: 3rd solo exhibition by Jensen Moreno
“SELF-PORTRAIT”  Self-Portrait of Jensen Moreno 2016, 120x170cm Oil on Canvas

Painting has always been a means of self-expression for me. Therefore, I paint because I have to and need to, not necessarily because I want to. Subconsciously or not, the figures I paint are a reflection of myself and whatever mood I am in at the time, so every painting is in essence a self-portrait.

Lori Earley

The Masterful Process of a Portrait

  • Jensen Moreno gets thrilled to experience the moment a painting takes on a life of its own. One instant, there is a unification of colored silhouettes on the canvas. Surface and bang! With the addition of a single stroke it’s transformed into a larger than life creation of beauty.
  • She strives to merge the physical and spiritual individualities of each portrait. She creates into the most telling portrait possible. Conveying the essence of her subject is vital. All her portraits provide her the chance to create a work of art. That exhibits both beauty and timelessness.
  • She studies the portrait paintings. Always evaluating how she can best incorporate her observations into her own masterpiece. Many of her patrons tell her that through the course of having their portraits painted. They’ve developed a pristine indebtedness for art.
  • Her artwork is a product from direct observation. That also allows her the opportunity to observe. And incorporate more subtle nuances of form and color into her painting. The process of creating from life’s relationships is exhilarating.
  • To the artist, a great portrait painting is not just capturing a faithful likeness. The physical process of applying paint with only a palette knife creates a unique dynamic energy. That is impossible to replicate through any machine-driven process.
  • She gives herself unlimited chances to edit what she has observed. Whether it is from a live subject or from a photograph. She reimagines and reexamines the subject all over again. Allowing the artist to be a child all over again. While playing things down to create something wonderful. That goes far beyond the realms of imagination. She further reviews photos as a beginning reference. And decides to alter them to varying degree.
  • To meet a final masterful masterpiece portrait that best conveys her sense of completion. Where each element must be in perfect harmony with the entirety of compositions. She strives to reach the highest artistic plateaus to achieve her goal of excellence. And to help create portraits that will outshine all expectations.
MASTERPIECES: 3rd solo exhibition by Jensen Moreno
“THE GIFT” Portrait of Artist Daughter, 120x170cm Oil on Canvas

To My Precious Gift,

“When the time you were born, you became my inspiration. I envision your beautiful face, the twinkle of your eyes. And the things you do that make me laugh. Our bond together from the womb and to the moment you were born is irreplaceable. That will never ever be torn away from us. I pray that God will give me strength and guidance for all the blessings he pours down from above. I am doing my best to be the best mother to you. I will always embrace you with all my motherly love. To me, you are the most precious gift. You are as exquisite as a flower and as sublime as a rose. You have been specially made by God to be my daughter. You are brighter than the sun every time you give me that smile. My only wish as a mother is that I want you to be proud of who you are and to strive for the best. Bring to bear efforts to make sure that your goals are achieved. And let God do the rest.  But remember, I will always be your mother first. But will also be your friend.  You are the most precious gift, that I’ve ever been given. Thank you.



MASTERPIECES: 3rd solo exhibition by Jensen Moreno
Portrait of Anna Horters, 120x170cm Oil on Canvas

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who LOVE YOU no matter what.

MASTERPIECES: 3rd solo exhibition by Jensen Moreno
“RICH AND FAMOUS”Portrait of Huang Jiannan, 90x100cm Oil on Canvas

Behind the ART:  Huang Jiannan, 60, has garnered fame both in and outside of China. His works praised by the art community where his pieces sold at high prices.

Huang is a skilled painter who specializes on landscapes. He has a propensity for bright colors in his works. He prefers the techniques of traditional ink painting. While combining with Western-featured oil painting. That helped shaped his pieces in a style that is his own.

For Huang, success isn’t born out of pure luck.

If an artist mimics the work of great masters, his own artwork will be a repeat. The nature of art is to be original and creative. But this talent must be on hard work and persistence.


MASTERPIECES: 3rd solo exhibition by Jensen Moreno
“THE VOICE”Portrait of Soprano Singer Lady Lu Ye, 4x7ft Oil on Canvas

Behind the ART:  Lady Lu Ye, Ambassador of Italian Culture to the world and acclaimed soprano and actress. She has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues to critical acclaim. She is known as “Una voce per Papa Francesco” by La Gazzetta dello Spettacolo. She was the first Asian, first Canadian, and the first Chinese artist in history to perform for Pope Francis’ birthday and the annual Christmas concert in Rome, Italy. She was also honored to be the first artist of Asian descendent to sing the Canadian National Anthem in hockey history. Voice like an angel, magic …” claimed La Presse which has been the shared opinion of many since her early career.

Italian music critics proclaimed:

She owns a beautiful voice of color, expressiveness and rich inventiveness of interpretation.

Image Credits: Supplied

Poster Graphics: Racky Eugenio

Photographer: Totong TJ

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