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About Me

Jennifer Bichara Blogger at Jennys Serendipity Art BlogI revamped my “About Me” section to an interview format as I find it easier to write about myself this way and I think it is more real and personal.

Tell me more about yourself

I am very blessed to say that I do have the freedom and fun of living as a virtual assistant and as an art blogger. I cannot say I am a full time freelance writer as actually, I do many other things besides write or blog. My work revolves around managing websites, web content, editing, writing, coding, and working around WordPress for various clients all over the world.

I am the youngest of 10 children and am currently based in Naga City, Camarines Sur for 3+ years now. I am Lebanese-Palestinian decent from my father side and Filipino on my mother’s side.

As for my schooling, I attended College of Saint Benilde and took up the course Business Administration, minor in Arts Management.

Now how did you start your blog?

I started my Jenny’s Serendipity blog when I got sick and was bored of my life. When I first came across the WordPress platform, I immediately got hooked. I did not anticipate that I will be enjoying blogging so this is my life now, on my way to retirement. JOKE!  

My blog did not start as an art blog.  Only till October of 2014, my interest and obsession in art blogging begun; thanks to Kevin Sabino, a Filipino artist whom I met via Perla Daly’s July 2014 event in Makati.

Then, I was introduced to Millet Galeos by my batch mate, Wam Molina. I will forever be grateful as she was the one who introduced me to all the art groups who helped change the course of my blog.

Successes of your blog as a whole:

  • My Depression: Blogging has helped me fight depression. My obsession with WordPress was and still is my coping mechanism to this invisible illness.
  • My Self-Esteem: My fixation over blogging influenced me to become more positive than my usual negative self. It lifted me up from despair.
  • Window of Opportunities: My blog is also my portfolio so this keeps me stable as a freelancer. 95% of my work involves around WordPress. As a matter-of-fact, my skill in blogging is the one that pays for my roof, my food, my short travels and so forth.

Successes of your art blog:

I also helped one Filipino Artist, Lord Ahzrin Bacalla his 1st art sale from a foreign client based in the States. I wrote about him here.

Azhrin Bacalla Artwork Sale via Blogging at Jenny's Serendipity

Gifts from Artist - Jennifer Bichara -#

I would like to extend my gratitude to 4 artists who gave me artworks as gifts for blogging about their art and they are as follows: 

Forgot to mention that I also contribute to an Aura Elite Magazine based in United Kingdom – art section. AURA Magazine is a monthly bespoke magazine for the Filipino community with special features and exclusive interviews. The magazine features sections on Filipino celebrities, events, travel, dining, health and beauty, movies, music, immigration and much more.

For someone who is a reclusive blogger who rarely sees people; I am proud to say that my ultimate success is when people say: “Keep up the good work, we need people like you.”

I am also honored that despite my isolation, I managed to recruit Filipino artist here and abroad to feature their artworks via my blog.

What are your plans for your blog?

If I can do this full time, I will be the happiest women in the world. The rate my blog is going, looks like I will transfer to a self-hosted site sooner. With a self-hosting website, I can do so much more and earn some money: I can even do full blast SEO, add advertising Google ads, invite sponsors, even add a shop and sell, play with plugins and so forth. My current site with the free platform, I pay for my domain, theme and custom fonts.  Looks like the cost will be even cheaper if I decide to a self-hosting site.

Also, the marketing principles you do on a small business and art is practically the same. I might as well apply what I learned at work to my website.

This is definitely something to ponder about!


The class clown of yesterday now gives more time to her passions as life shouldn’t be all work. Here at Jenny’s Serendipity, my world now revolves around ART and art alone, and Filipino Artists of different genres who she appreciates.

This is definitely a lifetime hobby—this will be my legacy! 

Feel free to contact me here: