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To have your artist profile featured on the website please fill in this form and return by email only to

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Artist Submission Form, Filipino Artist

  • Name (of artist):
  • Art Form: It is understood that a number of artists / curators come under more than one of the following art forms. However, I ask that you select just one from the following which you feel best represents your practice.
  1. Curate
  2. Dance
  3. Design
  4. Film
  5. Literature
  6. Music
  7. Photography
  8. Theatre
  9. Traditional Arts
  10. Visual Arts
  • Please list any other art form experience you have. The above list (in question two) is not exhaustive.
  • Areas of interest: If there are any specific types of projects, you are currently interested in, please list them below. (Example: Graffiti Art, Working with Arts and Disabilities etc.)
  • Bio: Give a 300 (minimum) – 700 (maximum) word description of your work / career as an artist. Where were you educated? Were you self-taught / self- directed? Keep most of this information as much about your work as possible rather than yourself. (Page 3 will be left blank for this purpose. When your Bio is complete, go to Page 4). (In English)
  • Contact: Please include links to any of your work on other websites or a link to your own website if you have one. You can also include links to social media pages or blogs if you have details / examples of your work there.

    Social Media can include any platform for example; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo etc.

    Also please include your email address below (one you are comfortable having profiled for arts related business)

    You can also include your phone number, if you would prefer to be contacted this way.

    But please note this information will be publicly available on the website so do consider if this is something you would prefer to leave out of your profile. It is optional.

    For Example:


    Social Media:


    Your Work: (As separate files)

  • To complete your submission please return this completed document to
  • Also include: 5 to 10 examples of your work attached in the email as separate files (not as part of this document).

    The selection is left up to you. If you have previously sent me some of this work, please re-send it because I receive a huge number of files on my inbox and tracking it down could be an issue.

    For example, if you are a visual artist, you may want to attach five to ten images of your work. (Please attach good quality JPEGS that are no larger than 1.5MB each.

    If you are a writer or poet, you might want to send on extracts from your work – a couple of poems, an image of a handwritten play, cover images of your books/ publications or a photo of yourself (As a good quality JPEG but no larger than 1.5MB per image).

    For example you work in film or theatre; you might like to include a YouTube or Vimeo link to a trailer you have created, a snippet from a film, an extract from a script or some back stage or filming shots.

    Musicians and composers may like to send an audio file of their work, a score, a CD cover, promotional posters, images of the band/ artist (Good quality JPEG but no larger than 1.5MB in file size).

    Please find attached images by (artist) 

    If you have any questions, you can email your questions to me: 

     Many thanks from Jennifer Bichara.

Photo Credit:

Photographer Ryan Mcguire of

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