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My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

Yesterday, while browsing my FaceBook wall, I came across a photograph that my cousin shared from All About 1960 Facebook Page.  A closer look of the post, A red Volks Patrol Car cruising Dewey Blvd. by JC,” I realized that it was my Dad on the Vespa with 4 of my siblings.(Not yet born yet) Unbeknownst to my cousin, he did not realize it was his Uncle on the picture.  Back in the sixties, he had several Lambretta’s and Vespa’s. After work, he would take the kids for a ride.  Back then, Dewey Blvd. now Roxas Blvd., had no traffic and no strict enforcement on tandem rides with children. What a coincidence, ironic shot though as the police didn’t even stop my dad with his kids on the Vespa.  According to JC who posted the picture, it was Captain Hutchkins, an American Veteran, who gave him the well preserved picture to post. My sister-in-law emailed JC asking if Captain Hutchkins is still alive….so we are still waiting for an answer. Cannot wait to track him down and say our thank you’s.  What a beautiful memory of my father!

RIP Papa! Love you always…

My dad, his kids and the Vespa
My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived

Photo Source Ted Blog
Photo Source Ted Blog

She is right….I faced something that was unexpected, unwanted and uncertain but when I look at it, it was more like a gift. My benign ovarian tumor on my right ovaries was a huge wake-up call for me.  Before that, I did not really value my health.  I smoked like crazy, ate unhealthy food and had very little exercise. But since this health scare, I have quit smoking for two weeks now and started eating healthy food. Lost weight and feels cleaner inside and out.  However, the cravings of nicotine is still very strong but I try to keep my mind busy. Yes, it cost me money on the surgery but if a tumor grew on my ovaries, it can happen in my lungs…So I quit.

“The next time you face something that’s unexpected, unwanted, and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.”

Stacey Kramer

Thank your Nurse!

Source: Pinterest – Scrubs Magazine

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Elna Chia and the great nurses at Mother Seton for the care they had given me during my short stay at the hospital.  It made my hospital stay more bearable.

I never got a chance to say thank you to all of you who treated me with my emergency operation to remove an invader in my ovaries.  Thank you…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Photo by Mother Seton
Photo Credit by Mother Seton

Carmelite Monastery

The photos were taken during the morning off the family reunion last July 2012.

Thanks to, they made the memory of that day last forever.

A place so solemn, nothing but God’s peaceful presence.

If you are planning to visit Naga City, please feel free to stop by Carmelite Monastery

Camarines Sur Tourism Guide, please go here.

3 Kitties with their Mama!

So cute, all of them in the basket.

I am now a proud mother of three kitties!!!!!!


Few weeks ago I adopted a stray cat.  She keeps on coming to my place so I eventually let her stay with me not knowing the cat was pregnant.  One day she gave birth and chose my closet to give birth to three little kitties. Many say when a cat chooses your home and you let the cat in, more so the cat gives birth in your place…It means nothing but LUCK, LUCK AND LOTS OF LUCK….. I will surely take that. 😉

Let me say, am truly blessed for all the showered blessings God has given me for the past few months. Now, I have not named the kitties yet.  Shall I call each one LUCKY? What do you think?

I love the three kitties!!!!!!!

Thank you WordPress, I have reach 50,000 page views in my humble little site – Jenny’s Serendipity

World Flags

Top Ten Countries: US, Philippines, Canada, UK, India, Australia, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore & Sweden
Least Ten Countries: Granada, Vanuatu, Sudan, Cayman Islands, Aruba, Northern Mariana Islands, Jersey, Senegal, Lesotho, Tajikistan

Wow! Over 162+ countries have visited me since I last started early this year. If only, I can visit all this countries in real life, I will be a frequent world traveler.  How I wish!!!!!!!!! Anyways, when I check my stats and look at these countries my blog was being read and visited in, I get very emotional. Tears of joy!

When I first started this blog back in January, it was out of boredom.  Stuck in the room for a week very sick with German measles and covered with red itchy rashes. When I first signed up, I remember navigating dashboard like a curious child.  LOL! Not knowing, blogging with WordPress will be a full blown hobby of mine. Not only that, I also use WordPress at work. Because of WordPress,  I now do Web Content Management & Administration on several sites.  I am also a Finance Editor and also started writing and get paid the same time. I never taught I could write. Thank you WordPress from the very bottom of my heart!

I also would like to extend my gratitude to all my followers, visitors who stopped by, read, commented, liked and followed my blog. Without you, I would not have reached 50,000 page views. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

For your thoughtfulness and generosity, from you I have learned much of life’s philosophy – Thank you sincerely.

Source Photo#1: Fresh Free Stuff
Source Photo#2: Joanne Wallace Blog

About making choices

This post is about making choices; I feel I have to motivate myself to make that change. It’s tough but I do really have to make that change. Don’t you wish everything goes smoothly in life that all the time, we don’t encounter any setbacks? No problems. Everything is perfect in this world.

I need to decide!

Yes, it is very disappointing but it all happens to all of us. Nothing is perfect in this very imperfect world even the lucky ones encounter problems. There will come a time when faced with a dilemma; one has to make a choice – one or two choices. I sometimes flip a coin but only the simple choices I do that. Disappointing, yes, but hey – what can I do? One choice can affect the other choice so I will go with my gut instinct and see what happens so I will motivate myself and move forward.

Yes or No…

If it is meant to be, it will always be for me but like I always said, a bad experience can also be a good one in the long run.

Knowing me, perseverance is my strongest quality and not all people know this. I do not quit. I never give up. I never ever will let it stop me. I do not let one bad experience hinder me from anything under the sun. If I have to dive the sea of uncertainty, I will do it. When the picture doesn’t fit; do not force it.

Its time…

1st Photo Credit: Forza
2nd Photo Credit: Listverse

He who cannot forgive others

“The rule is: we cannot really forgive ourselves unless we look at the failure in our past and call it by its right name.”
Lewis B. Smedes – Forgive & Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve

Lately, I have been thinking about my past.

I could have changed a lot of my past mistakes but I cannot rewind so all I need to do is actually, forgive my past and just move forward and make the most of my present life.  There is nothing I can do but make the most of what I have today – really!

Everyone wants to change a part of their life so I am not alone.

In the past, I let my past control my past life. I fell into depression and was making emotional decisions about everything. It wasn’t good. Recently, since I came back almost 2 years ago, I started thinking. I cannot live this way anymore.  Forgive the past and just let it go. Since then, I became a stronger person inside and out. Worked on my self-esteem and I started believing on my self-worth. Boy, did I rebound to a better person 100 ten-folds.

Life is not easy for everyone including me. I take care of myself and no one takes care of me.  I cannot destroy my life and waste my life away. Eventually, I stood up after falling down very hard 2 years ago.

Despite the challenges and trials, I still consider myself very blessed.

Thank you God for everything. You never left my side. You were always there.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Source Photo: Cute Picture Quotes