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What is the best advise to restore my parents wedding pictures?

Seriously,  I am thinking of disaster relief to save the memory of my parents wedding day. I need advise from all of you, finding a professional photo restorer will be too costly as I cannot afford it…What is the best free photo restorer software that actually works? HELP!!!!!!!!!

These are good photos – some are beyond repair…Just looking at the photos, make me feel like going back in time…I miss them so much and wish they are both here. This post is dedicated to both of my parents.

My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

Yesterday, while browsing my FaceBook wall, I came across a photograph that my cousin shared from All About 1960 Facebook Page.  A closer look of the post, A red Volks Patrol Car cruising Dewey Blvd. by JC,” I realized that it was my Dad on the Vespa with 4 of my siblings.(Not yet born yet) Unbeknownst to my cousin, he did not realize it was his Uncle on the picture.  Back in the sixties, he had several Lambretta’s and Vespa’s. After work, he would take the kids for a ride.  Back then, Dewey Blvd. now Roxas Blvd., had no traffic and no strict enforcement on tandem rides with children. What a coincidence, ironic shot though as the police didn’t even stop my dad with his kids on the Vespa.  According to JC who posted the picture, it was Captain Hutchkins, an American Veteran, who gave him the well preserved picture to post. My sister-in-law emailed JC asking if Captain Hutchkins is still alive….so we are still waiting for an answer. Cannot wait to track him down and say our thank you’s.  What a beautiful memory of my father!

RIP Papa! Love you always…

My dad, his kids and the Vespa
My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

My families movie memorabilia’s

My families highly coveted movie memorabilia collectables from BICHARA CINEMA’S. These photos where taken during the family reunion last July 2012 and this is the family reunion museum. Lots of history – its worth sharing. I will post more of this collectables in the near future.

Christmas Greetings from Jenny’s Serendipity Blog


I cannot believe we have one more week to go and it is Christmas time.  Time flies indeed. This will be my first time after so many years that I will be spending my Christmas with family and also, this will be my first Christmas with Jenny’s Serendipity blog as well so this post is dedicated to my family, friends and to all my visitors and followers who have stopped by, commented, liked and followed my blog.

I wish everybody a “Merry Blessed Christmas!”

Wrote this special Christmas poem from me to you and a funny Christmas video for your entertainment.

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Christmas is filled with special joys

Time spent with love ones and to those closes to us

Gifts for the young and the old

Food so merry 

Talks of the past merriment’s

Contemplating our blessings from up above

Memories so dear we hold through our hearts

Joys of a family Christmas gathering

Where was I this weekend?

Mayon Volcano, Legaspi

Where was I this weekend?


The trip was mainly for my second blog: Canarium The First Virgin Kernel but I did squeeze in some pleasure with this weekend trip. Engineer, Victor Goyena, or Bogg’s in short, invited me to attend the Albay Pili Industry Federation (APIF) mobile meeting in Daraga Legaspi. The meeting involved not just Pili Oil but all aspects of the Pili Industry.  I will post the details of the APIF meeting on a later date together with my 6 hectare Pili and fresh produce organic farm visit in Anislag Daraga.

Anislag Daraga Organic Farm Visit

My first stop was A. BICHARA SILVERSCREENS ENTERTAINMENT CENTER to say hello to my dear cousin, Anna Marie. The Bichara Silverscreen is located in the heart of Downtown Legaspi.  The building has an art deco feel and the building showcases innovative interiors and state of the art technology for film viewing. If you are into the past, present and future Hollywood memorabilia,this is the place to go. So if you are around Legaspi, come visit The Silverscreen.

Me & my cousin

Embarcadero is also my usual hangout when I go to Legaspi.  The La Mia Tazza Coffee Shop and the native bazaar section are my favorites.

Me in Embarcadero

I also stopped by Red Continent Diner & Bar for drinks and to have dinner as well.  It is located in the third floor of The Silverscreen. If you are looking for Bicol, Indian, Mediterranian or Thai spicy cuisines and you are currently in Legaspi; then, head over to Red Continent Diner & Bar . You should also try the Pili Butterscotch shake. (Yummy and to die for!) I would like to thank the manager for the 25% discount on my tab.  I will surely be back.

Me in Red Continent Bar

Personal Space

Growing up and living abroad, I got used to the boundaries of having personal space. I find that it is different in my culture. In the Philippine culture, there is no such thing as personal space. While in the Western culture, it is way different. Westerners assume that a certain zone around our bodies is our personal space. It depends though in any social situations and social standing.

Currently, residing in the Philippines, I find it hard and difficult to make people understand on wanting to live alone. I have been living in the country for less than two years now but even voicing out you wanting to be on your own is fraught upon by relatives and friends. Why? Here in the Philippines, you often see relatives living in one house all scooped up together. I love my family and enjoy hanging out with them but when it comes the time to unwind…all I want is my personal space.

When my mother was alive, all she wants and dream off that all of us children will live in one house. Even my older sister and most of the family is the same way but I am different. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be independent and to be on my own. I only lived with my brother for a year; then, managed to be on my own from then on. Since I came back, I have been living with relatives but am itching to be on my own.

It is difficult in this country to have that valued space but if you really want it, you really have to create it yourself. So that is what I am planning to do next, find a place I call my own sanctuary.

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Cultural Connections Blog

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Heecupsandheels Blog

Family Reunion

Bichara Reunion

A Family Reunion is a time to reminisce the past, a time for fun, a time to rejoice, and a time to share old and new stories and lastly, make reconnections.

It is a time to get together in the faces all around us and find images of ourselves in hearts both new and old. A family reunion takes place on a specified day each year for the purpose of keeping an extended family closer together that strengthens the bond for family and reminds us of the gift of belonging. This is a chance to share our history. Also, it is a reason to celebrate our past and time to welcome our future as a family.

“One united family!”

Sorry y’all if I have not been visiting your blogs, busy with the upcoming reunion!

Pooch – Family Pet

“The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.” -Erma Bombeck

Uncle’s Pet

Belated Happy Fathers Day!

Dearest Papa,

Happy Belated Fathers Day Papa!

I thought I should tell you some things that other people know but I may not have ever told you when you were still alive. First of all you are my hero. You have always been my hero since I was a little girl. Secondly, I am very grateful for all the blessings you have given me over the years, and the heavenly guidance you and Mama provided to all of us. I know you are in heaven with Mama but sometimes, I still feel your presence. You never stopped being a dad and because of your kindness to people when you were alive, the blessings from up above was showered all over us – your children.  You only hired disabled people. Workers that did not have a chance to work but you gave them a chance.  You and Mama opened your doors to our relatives and helped those in need. I will never forget that. You taught me to be humble and you taught me to treat everybody the same. We never run out of blessings despite our differences and beliefs.

Thanks to you and Mama, we are still okay. I know one day all will be fine, we will get that house we dreamed for.

Your youngest daughter, Jenny