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Our Lady of Peñafrancia Church

Do not know much about architecture, but I am a big fun of NEO Classical Architecture in Churches. Its purest form in style was derived from Classical Greece and Rome – very Baroquish (Baroque in short). At the back of the church, also lies an old cemetery. Blast from the past!

Lovely day spent with my brother…

History of Peñafrancia Church, please go here.

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My families movie memorabilia’s

My families highly coveted movie memorabilia collectables from BICHARA CINEMA’S. These photos where taken during the family reunion last July 2012 and this is the family reunion museum. Lots of history – its worth sharing. I will post more of this collectables in the near future.

Where was I this weekend?

Mayon Volcano, Legaspi

Where was I this weekend?


The trip was mainly for my second blog: Canarium The First Virgin Kernel but I did squeeze in some pleasure with this weekend trip. Engineer, Victor Goyena, or Bogg’s in short, invited me to attend the Albay Pili Industry Federation (APIF) mobile meeting in Daraga Legaspi. The meeting involved not just Pili Oil but all aspects of the Pili Industry.  I will post the details of the APIF meeting on a later date together with my 6 hectare Pili and fresh produce organic farm visit in Anislag Daraga.

Anislag Daraga Organic Farm Visit

My first stop was A. BICHARA SILVERSCREENS ENTERTAINMENT CENTER to say hello to my dear cousin, Anna Marie. The Bichara Silverscreen is located in the heart of Downtown Legaspi.  The building has an art deco feel and the building showcases innovative interiors and state of the art technology for film viewing. If you are into the past, present and future Hollywood memorabilia,this is the place to go. So if you are around Legaspi, come visit The Silverscreen.

Me & my cousin

Embarcadero is also my usual hangout when I go to Legaspi.  The La Mia Tazza Coffee Shop and the native bazaar section are my favorites.

Me in Embarcadero

I also stopped by Red Continent Diner & Bar for drinks and to have dinner as well.  It is located in the third floor of The Silverscreen. If you are looking for Bicol, Indian, Mediterranian or Thai spicy cuisines and you are currently in Legaspi; then, head over to Red Continent Diner & Bar . You should also try the Pili Butterscotch shake. (Yummy and to die for!) I would like to thank the manager for the 25% discount on my tab.  I will surely be back.

Me in Red Continent Bar

Create the Light of Your Life

The difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance.  Proceed, and light will dawn, and shine with increasing clearness on your path.  Jim Rohn

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Churchill and El Glaoui

‘Les Trois Calèches’, 1969-70, by Hassan El Glaoui 

The great Winston Churchill met Hassan El Glaoui, who was the son of Hadj Thami El Glaoui (Pasha of Marakesh), during one of his 1943 trip in Marrakesh. He saw the young Hassan’s work in his dad’s office and encouraged his father to let him pursue art.  Originally, his dad wanted him to be an architect but he allowed him to be a painter instead. Thanks to Winston Churchill’s keen eye, the direction of the young artist future changed. Back then, it was uncalled for a Berber tribesman to engage in such activities. Hassan El Glaoui became a world renowned artist of Contemporary North African Art.

I love the softness of his art – the soft pastel colors that blend with the dessert scenery. If only I can bring myself to London right now, to see 24 paintings, nine by Churchill whose work has never been seen alongside another artist’s work.

Great Art! Great history!

Genie in the bottle, please fly me over to Leighton House Museum before March 31 2012.


Cavalcade, 1924 by Hassan El Glaoui 

Scenes of Historic Manila 1852-1909 by Felipe V Adriano Jr

A little remembrance from last nights event at Art in the Park is a purchase of 6 sets of laminated placemats depicting scenes of  Historic Manila from 1852 to 1909 by Felipe V Adriano Jr.

There so nice to be used as table mats, I would rather have them framed on the wall for people to see.

  • The Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Intramuros 1852
  • Puente Colgante, Quapo at Casco sa Pasig, 1860
  • Plaza Cervantes, 1894
  • Sunday in Quiapo, 1904
  • Sun Agustin Church and Intramuros Houses, 1900
  • San Sebastian Church and Tranvia, 1909

 Go visit the Silahis Center in Intramuros!

744 Calle Real Del Palacio Intramuros 1002, Manila

Or, check out the website

There main showroom is The Silahis Center located in Intramuros, Manila. In a museum atmosphere with four departments, traditional artifacts and cultural crafts are synthesized with contemporary crafts and accessories expressing eclectic Philippine lifestyle.