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Arlene de Castro-Anonuevo (Adec): Poetess & Visual Artist

Arlene de Castro-Añonuevo or “Adecastroan” is a poet and thinker who wielded the paintbrush or pencil as passionately as she did the pen.  She is a versatile gifted artist who occupied many creative realms that provided reciprocal sources of inspiration. She can easily shift from one style to another from realism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, and abstract. She brings her variety of eclectic style and her attention to the finer details of the painting, the use of allegory, the story and emotion she conveys in each of her work that invites the viewer to explore the depths of her subject and have a glimpse of her soul as an artist. She further augments the countenance of her art by using a broad range of medium from pastel, watercolor, oil, and acrylic on paper and canvas. Then, her words follow her paintings, as a poetess who creates a poem in response to her work of art, her words become a way of seeing—a collaboration within the conversation.

“I have a very creative mind, and often the products of my creative mind manifest first in my dreams,” as quoted in INQUIRER.net.

Art was always part of Adecastroan’s life, her childhood hours spent sketching and drawing instead of playing. Native of the rustic town Iba, Zambales by Carlos Gonzales de Castro, a Zambaleno of Spanish descent and Estela Sy Loria, his Chinese-mestiza wife from Pangasinan. Her patriarchal roots in this place can be traced as far back as the time of revolutionary patriot Andres de Castro Bonifacio,” whose mother Catalina who hails from barrio Dirita, is her great grand aunt.

Adecastroan, an AB Sociology graduate of the University of the Philippines who only started painting in 2003 after her early retirement from Cathay Pacific Airways as a stewardess, and later from Midtown Hotel which allowed her to enhance her artistic expression furthermore. Although largely a self-taught artist, she did learn the basics from Filipino master artist “Fernando Sena,” and Arte Pintura artists specifically, “Addie Cukingnam,” “Azor Pazcoguin” and “Rey Ademis.” In the short period of time, she has developed a unique style of her own inspired by the variation of post-impressionism color theory, combined with a keen sense of observation of the natural world. Indeed, her opulently textured artworks are a visual feast to the eyes.

 “I paint my subject as he gets in touch with his inner self. Whenever one looks at my painting, I want him to answer this question: What does it mean to be a person historically, experientially and personally? The viewer has to go beyond the surface and reflect on what he sees so as to arrive at a deeper understanding of the human psyche. This is the foremost reason why I do not render my subject based on the usual standard of rendering it; symbolism always being an integral part of my work. Philosopher Descartes says “I think therefore I am.” In my paintings, I say “I think and I feel therefore I am.” Painting is not a matter of duplicating an image but capturing my subject’s essence- soul on canvas.”~Adecastroan

She is a highly talented painter, blogger and a poetess who sometimes dabble in modeling for photography. She is currently residing in Quezon City and had her first one-artist show in the Heritage Art and Antiquities Gallery in 2009. She has participated in various group exhibits including Katha,” which is a monthly art exhibit on different themes expressed through art by different independent artists.  She is an active member of the Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino Group.” This sociopolitical organization that tackles issues in society and she is involved with visual and performance arts under poetry. Her artworks are also displayed at “Bahay Nakpil-Bautista and joins poetry reading and other Filipino heritage events. Her other interests includes membership in the Screenwriter’s Guild of the Philippines and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The proceeds of her work support her staunch activism for animal rights and welfare.

***A Selection of Adecastroan’s Art Masterpieces***

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Sam Penaso: Multifaceted Sculptor, Visual & Performance Artist

Sam Penaso is a multi-talented artist who was born and brought up in Bohol, Cebu City. It was here he incubated his dreams of becoming an artist. Shortly after high school, he moved to Manila and completed a degree in Advertising from the Technological University of the Philippines. He engrossed himself in the local art scene while in 1996; after a short stint in advertising, he became a full time artist and soon after won a series of art awards and nominations.

As a painter, sculptor and performance artist, Sam embodies the multi-media, cross-disciplinary character of Philippine contemporary art. Bohol artist Sam Penaso showed his mixed-media works “Metalscape” 1 and 2 in the exhibit, “Life Force: Contemporary Art in the Visayas” at Gallery Orange in Bacolod City. He also did a performance art titled “Yolanda” during the opening ceremonies. And last January, “Metalscape,” at Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea in Greenbelt 5, Makati City. Now, his latest group manilART exhibition will be in SMX Covention Center, SM Aura on October 8-11 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

His paintings have also developed from his early works of realism to abstraction, and settling into his own distinct style with rudiments of portraiture. Sam adds his signature touch of the unexpected, incorporating numbers and letters that adds texture and depth, not only appealing to the visual sense, but to the palpable senses as well. As an augment to that is his choice of colours which are salient, animated and expressive, are also a vital part to the story of every artwork he creates.

The artist was a 2013-2014 grant recipient of Asian Cultural Council in which he took part in a six-month fellowship that allowed him not only a trip to New York City, but an apartment on 44th street, access to 1st class art materials and the opportunity to research on contemporary art. Part of his artistic journey was to visit the iconic artworks and monuments not only for the purpose of admiring them, but also to do his Striped Walker series. He was stirred by the sophisticated performance and art installation works that abound within the countless galleries in the galaxy that is called Manhattan. The same year, he also received an art residency at the Art Hub in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Performance art is a medium that holds a special place in Sam’s heart, as cited by David Medalla—one of his biggest influences. He says: “In performance art, I have something to say that I cannot express on just paintings alone. I am not comfortable separating the two mediums. He truly believes that by doing so it helps him reunite and record fragments of thought, feeling, and memory; and saying things that I can’t express in any other way.” From its outset, the Striped Walker has since struck a pose in many iconic landmarks from the Luneta Park in Manila, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Big Ben in London, Times Square, Museum of Modern Art and other beloved places in New York.

Sam Penaso is one visionary Filipino artist of today—his talent cannot be contained in one medium, but seems to flow effortlessly into sculpting, visual, and as a performing artist. He is quite remarkable.

***A selection of  Sam Penasos’ art masterpieces***

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Metalscape Series

Visual Artworks 

Performance Arts

All images used with permission.

Source Articles: Manila Bulletin, Inquirer

To contact the artist for art inquiries or commission work, please email Sam Penaso at samuelpenaso@yahoo.com. Or, call him via mobile +63 9283482268. Visit and like his Facebook page here or at Instagram