Featured Artist: Heidi Rodriguez

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Heidi Rodriguez is a self-taught artist who is highly influenced by Afro-Asian and Mexican Art. She mentored in the university for 14 years but left the world of education because of extreme politics and unchristian ways. Crippled for three years because of a neuro-muscular disease during her teaching career, she devoted her time painting after being declared an invalid for life.

Her renderings of her subjects embody whimsical and playful presentation of colors. Strong portrayals of mixed cross cultural elements can also be observed. Avid or not, she so strongly emphasizes the masks behind human existence, like imprints that lack the shadows, and depth of gradation challenged by man’s inability to love and hope. The interplay of colors represent irises ceilings men build their foundations on, that is a life of fantastical sheer joy and full providence sans suffering. The brighter her art, the sadder and more melancholic she is. An extreme opposition to what many critics think that bright hues, shades or tints manifest happiness equivocal to its thesauri synonyms.

All images are courtesy of Heidi Rodriguez who goes under Ignis Airie in Facebook.

To contact Heidi, please call 09270803384 or via email kraen9@gmail.com

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