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Peñafrancia Grey Marble Artisan

The pictures were taken during the last day of Peñafrancia Festival.  During the fiesta, you will see loads of artisans from all over Naga City and from other parts of Bicol selling their crafts. Fiesta’s is their busiest time.

I got myself a mortar & pestle and used it as a paper weight in my office to hold down my receipts. Not really a cook so I used it as an ornament. I think it’s pretty.

Boy Go, Abstract Painter

Duyan ni Nanay (Rocking Chair Of My Mother)

Boy Go Duyan ni Nanay

Boy Go [His pseudonym] is its first resident artist of Arts & Craft Philippines.  He is now 58 and started painting when he was 23 years old. He does not know how  many paintings he painted but painting runs in his blood including his dad, his children and grand children are also taking up painting like him. He specializes in abstract work but does impressionistic works of Philippine landscapes and typical countryside scenes.