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Setting Limits and boundaries

Vulchy-The Evil Doer

One cannot be too generous and too trustworthy of people. “Period!” There are many sweet talkers in this world looking for people to prey on. They will do anything just to get the money from you. They do not care if you sweat blood and tears with the money you worked hard for but as long as they get that piece of cake they think they deserve; they will always find a way to get that pot of gold. They will first try to gain your trust masking as a true friend. They will compliment you with sweet words till you are totally hypnotized. They will hang around you and act like vultures. They will first try a fingernail. Then, they want your finger and your hands. After that, they will try to get every piece of your body parts till you are left hang and dry. Once it is gone, they will fly fly away……………..

Give me-Give me-Give me!


This is an epidemic not just in my culture but all throughout the western culture as well. Vultures will always prey on the weak so my advice is to learn how to say the big “NO”. Set limits and boundaries to protect you from harm-emotionally and financially. Who cares if they get mad; it is not your ______________ problem.

So here is Jenny’s rules:

1) State rules clearly
2) Use a few words as possible
3) Be firm (No No No No No No)
4) Once the decision is final,
please do not change your mind or
be fickle about it. This just creates
an opportunity for the abuser to come your way.

Once again,
Always stay vigilant at all times…..
Do not loose your guard!


Source Quote & Photo: Squidoo

Source Begging Hands: Gremmie.net

Source Volchy The Evil Door: Villains Wikia


Dalai Lama

“Like anyone else, I too have the potential for violence; I too have anger in me. However, I try to recall that anger is a destructive emotion. I remind myself that scientists now say that anger is bad for our health; it eats into our immune system. So, anger destroys our peace of mind and our physical health. We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend.”

– H.H. Dalai Lama XIV

Source Quote & Photo Credit: Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar


Defend Yourself from a Bully

Inspired by a true event from a Text Message Attack:

The only way to keep your mind from going crazy is to know how to defend your pride from bullies. When you know you are right; then, it is okay to stand and fight to the black knight. Never surrender and show no fear whatsoever. Always appear serene even if you are pissed. Always look angry and mean but always be calm and collected inside. Plan you’re taught of action while expecting the unexpected. Disarm yourself when time calls for you to neutralize.

Like a dance number, see an opening and exit when it is time to bow from the crowd. Don’t let captivating blow come to pass and always, act fast and reserve because you know your right.

Next time that dark knight will think a million times before he/or she will come your way!


Positive Thinking = Make Belief ???

Nice article on optimism and staying positive…Something I need to work on.

into mind

I often get the feeling that many people still underestimate the value of positive thinking and optimism. Some even think it’s similar to brainwashing: even if you managed to convince yourself that everything is and will be great, it wouldn’t get you anywhere, it’s all just pretend. How sad… Fortunately, psychologists have gathered lots and lots of data to show that a positive mindset makes a huge difference and leads to measurably more achievements and other good stuff. Here’s why:

Two common criticisms of optimism:

“Being optimistic is not going to change anything, you can’t just pretend everything will work out, you’d be lying to yourself.”

“I’d rather expect things to go badly to save myself from disappointment.”

Neither of the above sentiments are helpful. Psychological research has shown time and time again…

  1. Positive thinking does lead to more success/ good outcomes 
  2. Negative thinking makes good outcomes less likely


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