My families movie memorabilia’s

My families highly coveted movie memorabilia collectables from BICHARA CINEMA’S. These photos where taken during the family reunion last July 2012 and this is the family reunion museum. Lots of history – its worth sharing. I will post more of this collectables in the near future.

Exclusive interview with SuperBlogger – Jenny Bichara of

Thank you Stuart. You are a great inspiration to me and truly enjoyed all your words of wisdom. Please come visit his Facebook page at

the ChangeYourLife blog

Jenny final pic

Jenny is the youngest of 10 and the self confessed ‘clown of the family’. She writes a blog titled ‘Jenny’s Serendipity’ and for those of you that haven’t read it, take a look, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s a mix of her own life thoughts, lessons, recipes, poems and all round good feeling. She only started writing it earlier in 2012 after having a week off sick and becoming bored. Already she has had over 50,000+ views and growing fast!

I caught up with her to find out a bit more about the woman behind the blog, what drives her, what her goals are and what she puts this huge success down to.

Q: Hey Jenny, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and never cease to be moved or inspired or amused by your writing. What really got you started with it?


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For the Man Who Can’t Break Even – The Script (Dublin Inc. Acoustic Medley) – YouTube

Hello Everyone!

Here is my promise to my nephew, Rhett.  ( the one with the glasses 😉 )

The singers are Linda Davis, Miky Tayoba, and Rhett. Thomas Mcarthy on Cajon, Trevor Fields on electric guitar and Produced by Sam Bashor. They started as friends and decided to form a band late 2011 in Santa Clarita, California.

Go check them out!

Dublin Inc.

Hope you guys enjoy! 😀

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Thanks you to Trevor Field for recording and editing the song

Hayden Scott for standing in for electric guitar

Nate Bashor for lending the camera, ligthing equipment, and editing software

Linda Davis – Vocals

Everett Bichara – Vocals

Miky Tayoba – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Thomas McCarthy – Percussion

Trevor Field – Recording Artist/ Sound Editor/Electric Guitar

Sam Bashor – Producer/Video Recorder/Video Editor

Family Reunion

Bichara Reunion

A Family Reunion is a time to reminisce the past, a time for fun, a time to rejoice, and a time to share old and new stories and lastly, make reconnections.

It is a time to get together in the faces all around us and find images of ourselves in hearts both new and old. A family reunion takes place on a specified day each year for the purpose of keeping an extended family closer together that strengthens the bond for family and reminds us of the gift of belonging. This is a chance to share our history. Also, it is a reason to celebrate our past and time to welcome our future as a family.

“One united family!”

Visiting the Past

Visiting the Past

This trip I made in the province is also a pilgrimage to visit family and acknowledged the past that shaped my existence.  Going back and walking through changed landscapes made me feel very nostalgic.  Since my grandmother’s death in 2000, the villa in Villa Conception remained empty for the most part.  When I entered, I can feel my childhood all over again.  Me playing with my siblings and cousins while my grandmother, parents, uncles and aunties are watching and laughing over us.  I felt like I traveled in time. The walk I made today will remind me of those I left in the past, those who often surface in my memories and those who still haunt my spirit.  One cannot go home again but one can touch basis with the past landscapes to better understand of who you become.  However, one cannot live in the past with all the pains, joys and sorrows since this can only create pain and regret.  But it is very important to accept the past and appreciate all the glories and memories that came along with it.  In return, this will help us be a better person and continue to shape our future.  Happy memories in that place!