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When it is okay to turn back or bite?

Sometimes we think we are very sure of our path to destiny but once in awhile, we cannot see the road we are travelling on.  When this happens, we seem to falter and break away. For once, I was very sure of my path but now..I really don’t know…I do know what I want but the road I am taking seems to be the wrong one. So what do I do now? Take the u-turn. Its up to us to know when to stay or backout. I am not being afraid.  I am just being logical. Sometimes taking the bravery route can be foolish so the best solution for now is to step back. Follow your instinct..Follow the voice in your head..what does it say?  Listen to it for when it says go for it, then go but when there is hesitation; stop and turn. You are not a fool but you are just being smart.

For some, finding their path is easy but for some, may take a long time.  I am not giving up.  I know that one day I will find the road to my path. Simple as that!

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Making the decision

Making a decision:

Every time I would make an emotional decision, it is most of a time guaranteed failure. So now since I am planning and working for a change that could alter my life, I stopped and seeked advice from several people close to me. My emotional self, wants it all but realistically not so.  My conscience was telling me to weigh first the pros and cons of making the decision so I decided to do otherwise. I need to think this through and plan it out more carefully. Seeking the advice of experts and love ones made me realized not to rush things right away.  I made some revisions on the proposal that is more conducive and safer for me. To make it short, a wiser move.  Start small and will plan the bigger move when the right time comes. For now, I will take my sweet time and check other options if the revised plan does not fall through.

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The 4-Hour Work Week

I bought this book in Hong Kong and have been meaning to read this since January 2012 but working night shift just didn’t give me enough time to read it. Right now, my head is spinning as I do not know what to do yet. The unexpected turn of events was so sudden; I did not expect this to happen to me.

If given a chance, I would rather work for myself as you are your own boss and you don’t have to deal with the BS of higher management and the politics of the corporate world. Getting this book, will give me some ideas what to do if just in case I decide to go on my own. For many years, I worked for small businesses where I was only dealing with one to three bosses. I did everything for them accounting, administration, project proposal & management, quality control, customer service, collections and some personal stuff etcetera etcetera………….It was a lot of work and challenging compared to working for a big company. I did worked at home were my lawn was my conference room whenever I see my boss once a week to sign checks. Going to work took 15 steps and pajama was my office attire. All the sales people and telemarketers worked at home like me. I would just speak to them in the phone and only see them when its pay day if they choose to get there checks. Ironic when I was working for a small company, all I wanted was a big company. But now that I experience it, I think I like the small one better. I miss the thrill of seeing a company grow from a seed to a full blown plant. From a start-up to whatever……..

Now that I have time, I will see what I can learn from this book together with my experience and come up with a plan. For a month, I will weigh my options as I don’t want to jump to another job and commit the same mistakes.  I am 40 and not getting younger, I need some stable foundation to its core.

Anyways, this firing was a blessing than a curse now that I see it. It made me seriously think for the first time what do I really want in life? While reading the book, I will blog what I have learned and maybe help somebody who feels the same way like me.

Uumm, what is Jenny going to do next?????

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