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Defend Yourself from a Bully

Inspired by a true event from a Text Message Attack:

The only way to keep your mind from going crazy is to know how to defend your pride from bullies. When you know you are right; then, it is okay to stand and fight to the black knight. Never surrender and show no fear whatsoever. Always appear serene even if you are pissed. Always look angry and mean but always be calm and collected inside. Plan you’re taught of action while expecting the unexpected. Disarm yourself when time calls for you to neutralize.

Like a dance number, see an opening and exit when it is time to bow from the crowd. Don’t let captivating blow come to pass and always, act fast and reserve because you know your right.

Next time that dark knight will think a million times before he/or she will come your way!


Stand Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My first poem)

Stand up!

Enough is enough

Pull yourself together

As you have the world in front of you

Be the person you want to be

No time to wait

Take the stage

Go ahead and do the walk

If you tumble

Pause and rest

But move on

Take the street

The road

The highway

Rough and smooth

Do the knock

If no one answers

Keep on going


Take your time

Your own speed

To each choice

And finally

A door will lead the way

You will know

You will know

Picture borrowed from: http://wtfhub.com