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Thank you followers…I have reached 60,000 page views on my humble little blog – jennysserendipity.com


Thank you my dear fellow WordPress bloggers for all the 60,000 page views and also for liking, commenting, following and most especially sharing your creativity with me in your blogs!

I love the WordPress Community.  It is very supportive and truly inspiring.  To tell you the truth, I prefer WordPress than Facebook. 😉

Love love love you all and thank you WordPress for everything.

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Purple Pandomonium, your one-stop online shop with everything he and she loves

Purple Pandamonium Collage

Hello Everyone,

Nothing is happening on my end, just recuperating from my surgery but so far, all is good.  I was thinking since I have not been going out so I figured; seek people in Facebook for topics for my blog.  When I look at my newsfeed, I see some talented folks.  I also see my FB buddies starting businesses so this post is dedicated to Ana Carina Guño and Marc Atordido of Purple Pandomonium.

Yesterday, Ana Carina Guño, a former co-worker, touched basis with me to say her hello’s and for me to like her Facebook page – Purple Pandomonium. Purple Pandomonium is a Facebook Store that specializes on vintage watches, longboards & gears.

Ana Carina Guño and Marc Atordido are presently engaged and one day would like to start a family of their own. They met while she was on vacation in Singapore. What true love! You really don’t know when and where you will meet your soul mate.  Anyways, please like her FB page and support their start-up.  😉

Please contact Purple Pandomonium, your one-stop online shop with everything he and she loves.

Tel: 0917 722 4866

Purple Pandamonium

FacebookWire Press Release: Jennysserendipity.com is in Facebook!

Jenny's Serendipity Press Release with Facebook

Jenny’s Serendipity Facebook Page

Disclaimer: No such thing as FacebookWire and oh yeah, Mark Z. never said that!

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The dark side of Facebook


I came across an interesting article about The Dark Side of Facebook on Telegraph’s UK’s website and find it appalling.

Yes, you see status updates from friends and family; friends request from people you barely know; pictures and video of everybody enjoying life (Oh yeah, the superficial life!) but don’t really see the picture behind close doors…Scary, I say..

So what do you think? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/facebook/9118778/The-dark-side-of-Facebook.html


Sourced Photo & Article: Lain Hollingshead and Emma Barnett @ Telegraphs