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Models are made!


I stumbled upon this great video at my Google+ stream. Many young teenagers compare themselves with the glamorous images of models they see in print media. In the fashion photo shoot, Stephan Bollinger discussed what impact this has to some girls, and how it can influence their self confidence, self image and self esteem. He decided to create this short video, showing what steps the models go through to transform from regular girls to amazing fashion models, and to help those not familiar with the photography industry to understand, what they do to create the perfect illusion.

Great message!

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*Tippi Ocampo* » Flutterby Shoe by Lady San Pedro

*Tippi Ocampo* » Flutterby Shoe by Lady San Pedro.

A first time shoe designer, won a prestigious award from Cinderthriller, an international shoe design competition. It was organized by Alberto Guardiani and i-D online. With passion and determination, she submitted her design and was chosen as one of the top 10. Later on, won!

Congrats Lady San Pedro!


*Tippi Ocampo* » Flutterby Shoe by Lady San Pedro

Lancôme and YouTube Phenom, Michelle Phan

I sure need some tutorial

High Fashion Social

I always have wondered how people wade through millions and millions of videos to find a few they like and share with friends.  How does one video stand out from a clutter of millions to go viral? How does any one “YouTuber” get millions of views when there may be others out there with similar videos? With over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month, 4 billion videos viewed each day, over 3 billion hours of videos viewed each month and more videos uploaded to YouTube in one month than three US networks created in 60 years (Youtube.com), it amazes me how any one video can truly stand out and make its mark and yet there are those videos that truly do make an impact and even those regular YouTubers that gain a following.

Enter Michelle Phan, one YouTuber who has stood out in the clutter, gained…

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Salvacion Lim Higgins Philippine Haute Couture 1947-1990’s

Salvacion was born on Jan. 28, 1922, in Legaspi, Albay, to a Chinese-Filipino family of artistic abilities. Her father painted and did calligraphy on his spare time while her mother was a frustrated architect who wove her own fabrics and designed and embroidered her own ternos (A Filipino National Dress). As a child, Salvacion began to exhibit artistic talents, which her mother encouraged. She moved to Manila before the outbreak of the war to study Fine Arts at University of Santo Tomas but she had begun sending her fashion sketches to The Manila Times with her now famous signature Slim , and when the newspaper ran her sketches, a career in fashion was born. A trip to Europe, where she had the opportunity to attend 22 couture shows, opened her eyes further. Slim counted among her clients the cream of the crop high society of that day yet she was not a snob and provided service to many brides who could not afford her. In 1960, together with her sister, she opened the Slims Fashion and Design School and thousand of aspiring designers including top designers of today studied.

Philippine Haute Cauture

Pink and charcoal gray piña cloth evening gown presented to Mamie Eisenhower by wife of Philippine president Carlos Garcia in 1958.









Smithsonian Institution Exhibit entitled “First Ladies: Political Role & Public Image”

Through her achievements which include a gown for US First Lady Mamie Eisenhower now part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, Slim transformed the Filipino costume into a work of art. The Great SLIM!

The Book

A coffee table book published in November 2009 depicting works of the Great SLIM through her 40th Career in High Fashion.

It reflects the progressive disposition in which the work was originally envisioned, communicating with new and future generations of Filipino Designers.

Some of her Designs: