Lorenzo E. Gabutina: The Late Blooming Filipino Visual Artist

I recently made contact with Lorenzo E. Gabutina (pseudonym: Legabutina), a digital artist, based in Caloocan, Philippines for a feature article in my blog. His out-of-the-box artistic style of abstract images that is beautifully surreal and magically pleasing to the eyes. Take a moment to read his artist insight, and take a peek into the mind of this late bloomer.

Dr. Elden Lumaniog: The Colors of His Life

Every artist painting style, color palette, intensity of strokes and expression echoes their inner consensus, cultural way of thinking and individuality of expression. Color has a subtle effect on us even though we may not be aware of it. Every day we are faced with our emotions, moods, mental insights and even physical perceptions are…

Joel Chavez, Contemporary Realist Filipino Painter

Joel Chavez has a slightly different idea of Renaissance portraiture than the average artist. He has this contrasting idea of what a contemporary portraiture art making should be. This artist whose first solo exhibition was recently exhibited at the Art Underground Gallery in Mandaluyong City called “Redeeming the Rebirth,” who paints wonderful portraits in Renaissance…

P-Noise 2015: Darrel Dan D. Lagasca—Filipino Visual Artist

Darrel Dan D. Lagasca’s paintings feature a multifarious layering of images and styles, symbolic of the multidimensional identity of our Filipino heritage. Darrel’s work exemplifies this intricacy through the connection between the East and West, the highs and lows of cultural perception, the old and young, the past and present. Diverse and eclectic, his art…

Filipino Visual Artist – Jay Mar Valdoria of Lopez, Quezon

Name of artist: Jay Mar Valdoria Art Form: Visual Artist – Installation Art/Abstract/Digital Arts Art Biography:  Jay Mar Valdoria was born at Lopez, Quezon who started to draw at a very young age—he drew distinctive lines, shapes, and coloring figurative forms. His course of choice was B.S. Fine Arts student at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation where he learned conventional art techniques along with color theory….