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La Shica

Love her! Good music…………..

Te quiero mucho pero no pa to los dias

Fumando Espero

La Shica is a band from Spain which plays music influenced by flamenco, hip hop, reggae and Bossa Nova. The lead singer Elsa Rovayo studied at the prestigious flamenco dance school Amor de Dios. Togehter with her two “palmeras” (Spanish flamenco expression for back vocal singers and dancers who help with hand clapping and singing to support the rhythm of the songs), a rhythm section and the flamenco/Brazilian guitarist Fernando de la Rúa, Elsa achieves to capture the audiences with her grace and talent from the very first note. La Shica mixes traditional flamenco dance with modern beats and grooves.


El Kilo

Orishas was a Cuban hip hop group who appealed to the Cuban youth who were hungry of African-American culture consisting of rap & hip hop.  The group is based in France where they made a deal with a record company, although they visit Cuba frequently. In 1999, Fidel Castro threw a party for them and had a meeting with all the musicians. It was the first time for the Cuban government to recognize hip hop music.

Here is another of my favorite songs of Orishas

Reina de la Calle

You wanna dance?

Mucho Gusto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!