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Law of Cause & Effect


“If you want to comprehend the causes that existed in the past, look at the outcomes as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to apprehend what results will be expressed in the future, look at the grounds that exist in the present.”

To the extent that we love others, we will be loved. To the extent that we work for others’ happiness, we will enjoy protection and support. This is the law of cause and effect.

Buddhism holds that everything is in a constant state of instability. Thus the question is whether we accept change flaccidly and are cleared away by it or whether we take the initiative and create positive changes on our own wits.

Unassuming virtue brings conspicuous reward. From the point of view of Buddhism, we never fail to receive the effect of our actions, whether good or bad; therefore, it’s meaningless to be insincere or to make-believe to be something we’re not.

Every family has its own set of issues and problems that only its members can fully understand. One thing I can say, however, is that, no matter what kind of people your parents are, they are your parents. If you did not have those parents, you would not be alive. It is important we understand & respect this despite their short comings and misgivings. Believe me…

Present effects are due to karmic causes from the past. However, future effects arise from the causes we make in the present. It is always the present that is important. It is what we do in the present that chooses our future; our past causes do not govern our future as well. Buddhism points that no matter what kind of karmic causes we have made in the past, through the causes we make in the present we can achieve a happier & bright future.

I rejected my chaotic past and the cause of that were cosmic & karmic catastrophe’s.  The only way to make way for my future is to accept the past and to make the present changes I need in order to move forward for my own and my family’s betterment.

Love your parents; love your family and mostly, treat people right despite their standing in life as whatever we choose to do in our life has tremendous karmic effect on our present lives and the future as well.

Source: Words of Wisdom

Visiting the Past

Visiting the Past

This trip I made in the province is also a pilgrimage to visit family and acknowledged the past that shaped my existence.  Going back and walking through changed landscapes made me feel very nostalgic.  Since my grandmother’s death in 2000, the villa in Villa Conception remained empty for the most part.  When I entered, I can feel my childhood all over again.  Me playing with my siblings and cousins while my grandmother, parents, uncles and aunties are watching and laughing over us.  I felt like I traveled in time. The walk I made today will remind me of those I left in the past, those who often surface in my memories and those who still haunt my spirit.  One cannot go home again but one can touch basis with the past landscapes to better understand of who you become.  However, one cannot live in the past with all the pains, joys and sorrows since this can only create pain and regret.  But it is very important to accept the past and appreciate all the glories and memories that came along with it.  In return, this will help us be a better person and continue to shape our future.  Happy memories in that place!

When it is okay to turn back or bite?

Sometimes we think we are very sure of our path to destiny but once in awhile, we cannot see the road we are travelling on.  When this happens, we seem to falter and break away. For once, I was very sure of my path but now..I really don’t know…I do know what I want but the road I am taking seems to be the wrong one. So what do I do now? Take the u-turn. Its up to us to know when to stay or backout. I am not being afraid.  I am just being logical. Sometimes taking the bravery route can be foolish so the best solution for now is to step back. Follow your instinct..Follow the voice in your head..what does it say?  Listen to it for when it says go for it, then go but when there is hesitation; stop and turn. You are not a fool but you are just being smart.

For some, finding their path is easy but for some, may take a long time.  I am not giving up.  I know that one day I will find the road to my path. Simple as that!

Source Photo: Funny Junk

Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones

Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones.

For many years, Indiana Jones chased artifacts that he believed were real but he was questioned by everybody that these artifacts never existed. They even went out of there way to stop him because they believed it was not real.  Indiana Jones did not let others (naysayers) affect his plan because he believed in his heart that the stories were real. What a wonderful article about 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones..

I am about to make a decision —a change in my life…It is a difficult decision because it requires a belief, research, a plan, an alternative or and a deviation if it does not work out.  However,  I will pursue the dream..I will find a way to make it happen through research and an extensive plan to make it work.  It is a scary feeling but but but I must move forward and go for it. Starting a business is not as easy.  It requires a belief; requires study and a plan, alternative and a secondary resource just in case.

I will do everything to make my dream come true regardless what people will say.  I will be like Indy.

Source Article: LifeHacks

Source Photo: Kennymatic

My Day in 168 Divisoria

Spent my day in 168 Divisoria. Oh, boy did I walk…Divisoria is not what I remembered.  Feels like Hong Kong. Everything is made in China and prices are very cheap. Best to start early if you intend to shop there but I came pretty late as I don’t really start my day till 1:00 pm. The ride there was easy just took the train and the jeep. Will try Quapo next, maybe have my palms read.

If I ask everybody to check everything they have and see what’s not made on China; I bet you will have a hard time. Try it!

According to Chinese Canton pronunciation, 168 means EE (1) Lu (6) Fa (8) One road to luck. One of Chinese lucky number.

Camera shy…I had to buy a bag so I can have them smile and pose for me….

So there, got me a bag, I love New York City. Believe it or not, that was the only thing I purchased…Only window shopped…

Forgive my look here, not my best.

Feels like Hong Kong to me…tried it yummy…………….

Had HK Dessert too…Also, Coconut milk with Mango Topping. Super yummy!

More Buddha..give us luck

Memory Lane – Carolina Island California

Guess what I found! Oh yeah, pictures from my trip to Catalina Island. The pictures were taken two years ago on my 38th birthday. It was actually my post break-up weekend trip. I was finally happy I ended that relationship. It was not a happy one to begin with. Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think of the photos? I did some editing…

Am not stressing for 3 months…………

I met up with a former co-worker, Dei, of mine earlier this evening in Starbucks and she did make a point. Since this coming 1st week of July, I will be having a reunion with my family in Naga. It makes sense for me to wait for it; since if I apply for a job after a month, I will be in probation for 6 months and cannot be off for that occasion. I already purchased the tickets and paid my share for the events so don’t want to waste it. All of my relatives will be coming all over the world so no way Jose will I miss it. I believe it’s a two or three day event. First day will be in my grandmother’s house if not sold yet; will be renting a reception hall then, my uncle’s beach house in Pasacao, Camarines Sur.

Before the big event…I might just

Go visit my family…this April
• Take the PNR Sleeper train to Bicol/and back

• Visit Caramoan Chain of Islands

• Cam Sur Wake Boarding Sports Complex

• Hike Mayon Volcano

• Hike Mt Isarog & check water falls

• Pasacao Beach

• Dolphin Watching @ Ragay Gulf ( Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins and bottlenose dolphins)

• Bird Watching – @ Caramoan National Park, the marshlands of Calabanga, the Ragay Gulf and even in the Ecovillage located within the Provicial Capitol Complex, in Pili, Camarines Sur.

The Deer Farm Ocampo – Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Red Deer, and Elk.

• The Ecovillage

On May till end of June
Plan a trip to Vigan Ilocos for a few days

Come back Manila
Sleep…….Workout……………blogggggggggggggg………….do whatever……………China Town, Recto, Quapo, Divisoria, National Museum, Ayala Museum..

Till the reunion……………..

I have not done this and have been working since 1992

Till then, will decide whether to
Go back work for somebody or start a business…

Thank you Dei…..