Art Kardashian Photography

Art Kardashian fell in love with photography in 2007 with his point-and-shoot camera. Over the years, he upgraded to Nikon DSLR, and currently shoots with D600. He is self-taught and all his work is original. He loves Ansel Adams and his connection with nature. When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images…

Cagsawa Ruins

Me and my niece left for Daraga Legaspi to see Cagsawa Ruins earlier today.  Unfortunately, Mayon Volcano was covered with clouds so I was not able to have a good shot of the volcano.  Because of the extreme heat and humidity, we did not stay more than an hour in Cagsawa Ruins… The church of Cagsawa…

Old Barn by Ronneil Camara Photography

Begged Ronneil to send me more pictures of his landscapes.  He promised me, he will take more pictures for me soon.  I am so proud of my fellow Augustinian schoolmate.

Neil Camara Photography

The photographs are from my school buddy in High School.  I asked permission if I can post some of his pictures in my Blog and thank God, he agreed. He is now based in Chicago and you can find him at Google+. Awesome photographer! Sourced Pictures © Neil Camara Photography