My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

Yesterday, while browsing my FaceBook wall, I came across a photograph that my cousin shared from All About 1960 Facebook Page.  A closer look of the post, A red Volks Patrol Car cruising Dewey Blvd. by JC,” I realized that it was my Dad on the Vespa with 4 of my siblings.(Not yet born yet) Unbeknownst to my cousin, he did not realize it was his Uncle on the picture.  Back in the sixties, he had several Lambretta’s and Vespa’s. After work, he would take the kids for a ride.  Back then, Dewey Blvd. now Roxas Blvd., had no traffic and no strict enforcement on tandem rides with children. What a coincidence, ironic shot though as the police didn’t even stop my dad with his kids on the Vespa.  According to JC who posted the picture, it was Captain Hutchkins, an American Veteran, who gave him the well preserved picture to post. My sister-in-law emailed JC asking if Captain Hutchkins is still alive….so we are still waiting for an answer. Cannot wait to track him down and say our thank you’s.  What a beautiful memory of my father!

RIP Papa! Love you always…

My dad, his kids and the Vespa

My dad, his kids and the Vespa (1960s)

Visiting the Past

Visiting the Past

This trip I made in the province is also a pilgrimage to visit family and acknowledged the past that shaped my existence.  Going back and walking through changed landscapes made me feel very nostalgic.  Since my grandmother’s death in 2000, the villa in Villa Conception remained empty for the most part.  When I entered, I can feel my childhood all over again.  Me playing with my siblings and cousins while my grandmother, parents, uncles and aunties are watching and laughing over us.  I felt like I traveled in time. The walk I made today will remind me of those I left in the past, those who often surface in my memories and those who still haunt my spirit.  One cannot go home again but one can touch basis with the past landscapes to better understand of who you become.  However, one cannot live in the past with all the pains, joys and sorrows since this can only create pain and regret.  But it is very important to accept the past and appreciate all the glories and memories that came along with it.  In return, this will help us be a better person and continue to shape our future.  Happy memories in that place!