“Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.”

Brooks Atkinson


  1. EVERYDAY count your BLESSINGS. You will be HAPPIER.
  2. Every JOB is a SELF-PORTRAIT of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with EXCELLENCE. ~Author Unknown
  3. GOD HELPS those who help THEMSELVES.
  4. Try to LEARN something NEW as you do not know when you will use it.
  5. DON’T put all your EGGS in ONE BASKET – try to have as many as you can.
  6. Pick your FRIENDS wisely as ATTITUDE can be contagious.
  8. GIVE AND BE GENEROUS but know your LIMITS.
  9. Learn to say NO to people or they will step over you.
  10. Low self-esteem can destroy your life, build your self-confidence UP.
  11. Lastly, take care of YOURSELF first – listen to your body.

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Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones

Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones.

For many years, Indiana Jones chased artifacts that he believed were real but he was questioned by everybody that these artifacts never existed. They even went out of there way to stop him because they believed it was not real.  Indiana Jones did not let others (naysayers) affect his plan because he believed in his heart that the stories were real. What a wonderful article about 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones..

I am about to make a decision —a change in my life…It is a difficult decision because it requires a belief, research, a plan, an alternative or and a deviation if it does not work out.  However,  I will pursue the dream..I will find a way to make it happen through research and an extensive plan to make it work.  It is a scary feeling but but but I must move forward and go for it. Starting a business is not as easy.  It requires a belief; requires study and a plan, alternative and a secondary resource just in case.

I will do everything to make my dream come true regardless what people will say.  I will be like Indy.

Source Article: LifeHacks

Source Photo: Kennymatic

Will you hear the call

Will you hear the call
and pick up your drum,
or will you settle back
into the easy chair of your old life,
content just looking out the window?

Get up and walk outside into the grass.
Leave behind the porch of this life,
the house of the ego.
Call to the spirits; call loudly
from your heart.
Sing out your soul’s song,
which thrashes against your ribcage
for release.

There is bliss,
there with the spirits,
free from the body
and from this earthly pain.
There is perennial compassion
in the redtail’s wings or the wolf’s howl
and with this you can return to the world
heart spun open, hands outstretched
bathing those who suffer in light.

This is your birthright from the beginning.
Claim it. Get up.

Written by: Shaman

Source Photo: Me