Follow your passion

If you surround yourself with what you are passionate about, your competitors won’t stand a chance. Look for something you would do for free and then find a way to make money by doing what you love the most. Photo Source: HUGH MACLEOD Source Quote: Thomas A Capone

Self Reliance

One thing I learn in life is being self-reliant… Don’t expect people to help you out.. If you have to go by yourself.. Then, better do it alone If there is a will There will always be a way! Source Quote: With Health, Comes Wealth

Ideas are coming out of my brain!

Ideas are coming out of my brain Okay, ideas are coming out of my brain. Have not decided yet what to do. Nothing is finalized but ideas are pouring out of my brain. Once I see that illusive product, I will know like love at first sight. I am weird that way! I will sense…

Moving Forward

Motivational Quotes. I stumbled upon this quote at Google+ and it hit home, this is so true with everything in life. Amazing! I must say I kept on re-reading a few chapters of my life lately and I must stop doing this if I am too start a new beginning.  What do you think? Sourced Article & Picture: