The Art and Work of Connie Cabalar

Maria Conception Talinao, aka Connie Cabalar is what you call a traditional realist visual artist. Her goal is to be as realistically as she can be on color choices, subject matter, and what type of brush strokes she applies to the canvas. It is her aim to represent the art subject clearly so that viewer would know what they are looking at. Her choice of medium is in charcoal, pastel, acrylic, and oil. Her fave’s are in portraiture, landscape art, figures, still life, and sometimes, she dabbles in abstract.

Here is an introduction to the artist where Connie shares the story of her art journey, artistic voice and lastly, her inspiration:

Connie was born in Makati City on December 8, 1976 but grew up in Sta. Ana, Taguig City. Her art beginnings started for her at an early age.  Born out of poverty, she used art with the intention to divert her mind from hunger and the realities of a hard life.

She would have given anything to get into Fine Arts in college but like most other Filipino youngsters whose families faced financial setbacks; she had to give her dream up and follow a different path. She then enrolled at the Pasig Catholic College and took a course in Business Administration major in computer management. While in college, she had to work to support her studies and slowly forgot about her love of art.

But in 2011, art came creeping back to her— badgering her to give it one more try.  She was one of those people who have always identified themselves as an artist. So no matter how hard they try to go the normal route of what’s life expect them to do, they will always find a way to do what they are passionate about.

Her hardest challenge is not getting the formal training and education in fine arts. However, at the same time; it serves as an inspiration. Every time there’s a new trial for her, she is pushed to excel. Whenever she is faced with another blank canvas, there’s always that dare to come up with something better than her previous work. In the back of her mind, she feels the fulfillment of finishing the painting with a sense of pride which inspires her even more.

Different artists may have different sources of fulfillment in what they do but for her, the greatest reward is when she sees and hears people appreciate her work after hours and effort that she invested in her craft are all worth the time.

Connie is living her dream. However, her ultimate wish is to be recognized for her art and would ultimately like to inspire others to follow their dream.  She said, when she becomes an established artist, she wishes to give back through outreach works and free workshops. Because for her undying service, this will be the greatest accomplishment and that is sharing what God has given to her.

She is the current seating president of Filipino Artist Realist Movement (FA:RM). She has participated in many art group shows since she began her art journey. Last March 2014, she had her first solo exhibit called “PassionArtility” – Art Association of the Philippines-Kanlungan ng Sining.

***A Selection of Connie Cabalar’s Art Masterpieces***

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Images used with permission.

“Tiinz” Taruc Impressionistic Art

“I went to The Louvre Museum in Paris in the early 1980’s and I fell in love with impressionist painting. Since then, the rest is history.”

Maria Cristina Valencia Taruc or “Tiinz” Taruc for short is a Filipina master painter whose art is fresh and modern. The vivid color she uses is bright and her brush stroke is loose and freely comes from her soul as described by local art critic Gigi Cortez Balmaceda.

The artist is famous for her impressionism paintings such as her sunflowers, koi fishes, landscapes, Mother and Child series and her social realism modern style portraits. Tiinz Taruc art is contemporary and is reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe style flower paintings while her beautiful landscape paintings and the changing effects of light are evocative of Van Gogh and Monets.

Impressionist artists were characterized by their visual impact influenced by nature and love for the environment. Such artist sought to depict whatever they happened to see at a given moment by using pure, broken and often unmatched color to achieve an appearance of improvisation. They usually painted ordinary everyday subjects and omitted detail in their subjects to create a striking overall effect.

Born in Tarlac and is a granddaughter of the late Huk Supremo Luis Taruc, founder and leader of the Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa mga Hapon (Hukbalahap or Huk) from 1942 to 1954, after he led an insurgency group fighting for land reform even earlier in the 1930’s. Tinz Taruc is an impressionist whose paintings have been inspired by Philippine patriotism and Hukbalahap stories, a trait she is believed to have inherited from her grandfather.

Balmaceda noted that Maria Cristina studied visual arts and graphic design at the Parsons School of Design in New York City and became “a prodigy of masters Rafael Maniago and Bienvenido Sibug in Los Angeles, and also learned from Aris C Bagtas of Marilao, Bulacan.”

Tiinz is a prolific painter and her paintings have given her hope and life. She added that art helps her deal with the love she lost and face reality with a positive outlook. She will be coming back to the Philippines from New York City and Los Angeles to have her 5th Art Exhibition in Pampanga in December 1, 2015 showcasing her “Mother & Daughter” series.

***A selection of  Tiinz Taruc’s art masterpieces***

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Mother & Child Series

Sunflower Series

Koi Fish & Landscape Pond Series


All artworks used with permission. 

To contact the artist for art inquiries or acrylic/oil collaboration, please email her at

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