Lorna Maza Fine Art: Beautiful Island of the Philippines

Lorna Maza primarily paints from life, from photographs or memories of an experience. For her, every subject she paints raises a call to a journey that doesn’t stop in the canvas. It all begun in the “Beautiful Islands of the Philippines.”

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Being based in Houston, Texas, Lorna still manages to convey her love of the country in her artworks. The rich cultural aspects of the rural life and a country blessed with a rich environment— lush forests, tropical islands, white sand beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains— and friendly, artistic and hardworking people who are always happy to welcome visitors and friends where she once lived resonate in all her compositions.

Lorna is drawn to memories of her home country where she paints to find and depict deeper meaning in all her subjects.  Her inspiration stems from how beautiful our country is echoing to reflect the grandeur and magnificence of an island by painting the simple way of what was her beloved life as shown in the warm green tones of her masterpieces.

Lorna had been a very active student, during her school days. She liked art contests, even winning places in some of them. Lorna has always been an art aficionado who loves to collect seemingly worthless items and upcycling them into unique works of art. She had collected fruit and vegetable seeds and dries them to be displayed into long empty bottles.

She has decorated their town home with her ingenuity with unimaginable and unique art works made from materials such as chocolate wrappers, used stamps, stones, strings, broken beads, and even crab shells.

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Lorna Maza at UWAAP May 2015 Exhibit

Lorna is a crafter who sews and cross stitch, and has even designed some of her own dresses. She enjoys photography, dancing, singing and is quit a musician who plays the flute including playing the piano and organ.

Lorna Maza graduated from Saint Louis University in the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Banking and Finance. Lorna and her husband, Cyril, largely self-taught artists had never attended any painting classes, other than their art classes in elementary and high school. They both are designers and partners at CSM and LLDM Emporium.

Lorna participates in art exhibits and trunk shows in the Houston area. Last May 2015, Lorna took part in the United Women Artists Association of the Phils (UWAAP) exhibit in Manila.

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Lorna Maza at UWAAP May 2015 Exhibit

Prints of Cyril and Lorna’s artworks are also available on t-shirts, mugs, stamps, and other gift items. Please click here and here to see their stores at Zazzle and at Fine Arts USA. 

Her paintings are all acrylic on canvas.

***A Selection of Lorna Maza’s Art Masterpieces***

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All artworks provided by the artist.

Nyx Martinez: Social Advocacy and Art as Intoxication

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Nyx Martinez in Italy

Nikki “Nyx” Martinez is an acclaimed artist, a poet, a dancer, a musician, an actress as well as volunteer willing to help out when the need arises.  It’s hard to imagine how one person could take on so many different roles, but Nyx is truly an embodiment of a modern “Filipina.”

With this endeavor and along with her new advocacy of promoting cultural awareness, she hopes to inspire people to find their true calling and make them realize that the pursuit of greatness lies not in declarations of success, but in the lives you touched.

Social Advocacy

The journey Nyx took could not be considered conventional by all means. Nyx was born to Christian missionary parents in Manila, Philippines who grew up in an environment that allowed her to pursue many talents including a life of service at a young age.

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“Advocacy Art – Beautiful People”

There are those remarkable few who live to help others. Barring fame, personal gain, and any form of monetary recompense. These people have the heart full of intention to give. And they live remarkably uncommon lives in the “Service of God and Mankind.”

Nyx in every essence is a missionary with a mission to make a difference in the hearts of many lives near and far. Through Our Life Outreach, a non-denominational Christian missionary program that her family started and accompanying her father visit prison inmates on a weekly basis, her first missionary undertaking as an art teacher to abused and neglected kids in a Children’s Education Center in Thailand helped shaped her destiny. 

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“Advocacy Art – Calstika”

Nyx has touched the lives of people from all walks of life from her Thursday sessions with cancer-stricken children kids in PGH. The semi-regular Living Academy of Arts (LAYA) Sessions to the various Fun Day activities she prepared for disadvantaged children. She created ways to draw a silver lining of happiness from the ominous cloud of hardship and poverty.

After two years of full-time volunteerism, she heard of a mission program in Africa but was guarded at first from the lack of financial support to make it possible. This was the point where Nyx felt God’s hand in her life.

In her three years in Africa, she journeyed up north to the “Ik” lands where she created awareness for the then-forgotten tribe through an exhibit of her paintings in Uganda. Never forgetting her passion for helping children, she painted happy stories on the walls of a pediatric ward in Mulago. She was also a local celebrity in every place she visited, and had everything going for her.

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“Advocacy Art – IK Man”

Advocacy Art

I wanted to give the Ik people a different representation, do dispute the perception of them being a savage tribe,” she says. “I realized that they were quite different, good mannered people who had just been ignored for all this time.

Nyx first solo exhibition was held in Kampala (2005) to raise awareness of a “forgotten” indigenous tribe called the “Ik” from whom she had met and stayed with for a week in northern Uganda.

Since then, she has continued to support and educated developing communities through her art. She has taught art and creative courses to international students in Kampala, Bangkok, Manila, and Lake Como. Her most recent art exhibition was held in Brussels last June 27th 2015.

In 2005, Nyx moved back to the Philippines, where she hosted Travel TV Shows with Living Asia Channel for 3 years. She also started the FunDayTion, a project to help terminally-ill kids. In 2009, she moved to Europe, where she got married in Denmark, lived in Italy and gave birth in Germany. Nyx is now Features Editor of Mabuhay, the Inflight Travel + Lifestyle magazine of Philippine Airlines. 

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“Wine Art – Rose”

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“Wine Art – Wine Painter”

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“Wine Art”

Painting with Red Wine

“Art as Intoxication

Wine and art have for years been inter-weave in art. Wine as we know is an indispensable component to enjoying and experiencing art. The wine made art concept was recently conceptualized in contemporary art to encourage new and creative methods of incorporating wine experience in art.

I believe art can also wash forth the soul, baring and exhibiting it; transforming the dust of everyday living into powerful experiences of energy and light.

Creating wine art is Nyx’s way of revering all the wonderful gifts life has given.  Her paintings are a portrayal of emotions and inadequacies of humanity. All created with passion. Artworks that is pulsating and energetic.

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“Wine Art”

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“Wine Art”

Wine painting is a dynamic form of expression. The texture changes and the colors evolve from red, bright purple and to a more mature tones of amber, orange and brown. Depending on the type of wine, the hues will differ in time. Painting with red wine creates a sense of boundless space and powerful strokes—both that flow and the volatility of this medium makes it a thrilling process for Nyx to explore.

Nyx uses Chinese calligraphy brushes with the deep full-bodied colors and of course, flavors of red wine.  She uses drip-method technique were the paintbrush rarely touches the paper where the stain intensifies with time, their transparent layers deepen, and the final picture emerges. Incorporating drips into a painting, whether they happen purposely or inadvertently, will always give a result that’s intriguing and pulls in a viewer.

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“Wine Art – Wine Glass”

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“Wine Art – Three Wine Glasses”

Adult Coloring Art

Free Fine Art for you to download and color! Just right click to print. Don’t forget to send in your colored versions to Nyx’ Facebook Link!

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“Adult Coloring Art – White Owl”

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“Adult Coloring Art – Tree Dream”

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“Adult Coloring Art – Calma”

Visit Nyx Martinez at www.nyxmartinez.com to sample some original fine-wine art, shop around, or contact the artist for commissions and collaborations. All images supplied by the artist.

Joshua Yvette Macuha Collection – macuha-artgallery.com

Joshua Yvette Macuha Collection – Filipino Visual Artist in Macuha Art Gallery. Macuha Art Gallery aims to showcase and promote the Philippine Visual Arts.

Source: Joshua Yvette Macuha Collection – macuha-artgallery.com

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Realistic Abstracts by Benjamin Cruz

Benjamin Cruz is a award winning Filipino painter who has the ability to dream and create new worlds. Mr. Cruz’s transforms his pieces to new heights with this concept of manipulating dimensionality. The artist takes inspiration from the landscapes around him that goes way beyond realism.

Compositions and painting techniques are the tools Mr. Cruz’s uses to transform his art.  His subtle shift results in a piece that is complex and layered. The same way that life is multifarious and multidimensional. His transparent layers of acrylic in unique ripple effects. Create landscapes that appear to dissolve into the mist. Results in a mysterious surface. That begs the viewer to come closer and explore the intricacies of the painting. 

Mr. Cruz’s art is in the category of abstract realism. Abstract realism is difficult to explain because it is the blend of two opposing styles of art. 

Abstract art without any combining rudiments and has no reference to real objects. It is only concerned with the colors, lines, shapes and rhythms that create the artwork. In a manner, abstract art is art without a concrete and physical construct to work from. 

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Title: “Building”
Med: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 152cm x 160cm

Yet, realistic art aspires to create realistic impressions of real objects. Realistic painting attempts to show what the eyes actually see, including human hardships. This goal of realistic accuracy includes color choice, subject matter, and brush strokes. The painting should represent the subject. Viewers should know what they are looking at. 

The goal of abstract realism involves using abstract painting techniques. Through the use of distorted images by implementing impressionist, surrealistic and expressionist techniques. To make the painting recognizable, somewhat blurred and distorted. 

His art form sits between realistic depiction of the world. Including, non-representational abstraction as the main subject. They are no longer two separate opposing styles. But they come together to strengthen each other.

Mr. Cruz aims to bring the elements of our consciousness that is not evident in plain sight into the light. His desire for the comfort and skill of the real and the need of those abstract aesthetics. 

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Ben Cruz waiting for the announcement for 2015 Southeast Asian Painting of the Year.

A former graphic designer of the Business Times, Mr. Cruz, won the coveted UOB Painting of the Year 2015 (Singapore) award for his acrylic on canvas titled “Building.” Organized by the United Overseas Bank last Nov 4, the painting mixes realism and abstraction to present images of Singapore landmarks under large, textured swirls of earthly colours. Award winning piece points out something that already exists. In its final form. It is symbolic of Mr. Cruz’s impression of Singapore, where skyscrapers dominate. 

Ben Cruz, born in 1954, is a multi awarded visual artist both in the Philippines and Singapore. Mr. Cruz has completed a degree in advertising and is concentrating on painting realist abstracts in his retirement.

**A Selection of Ben Cruz’s Art Masterpieces***

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Images supplied by the artist.

Meet Sky De Leon Child Prodigy Painter

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Artist at work who can paint one painting a day.

A rage to master as observed in some precocious young artists may help define extreme visual creativity in spotting artistic brilliance in children. Among all child prodigies there is one particular trait that children share: passion about their interest – whether it is in painting, sports, math, science or even dance.

Despite his young age, Ram Skyler De Leon or “Sky” has already distinguished himself as a professional artist. Sky can make one oil painting a day, his stress buster after school. I am passionate about art!” he enthuses. Shy is an artist who has an obsession to master his craft, devouring art books and religiously studying with local experts.

“It’s a great honor to be an artist. Art for me is not just a hobby but a passion. Painting became my escape and my inspiration to do well in school. We all live in a busy and complicated world but art simplifies it. God gave me this wonderful gift and my family has supported me throughout my journey in art. I hope to create more and better paintings or works of art in the future.”~Sky De Leon

Looking at kid’s compositions, it won’t take you much to conclude that he comprehends far beyond his age. His reflection about art, his brushstroke and mature demeanor across the canvas at such a tender age is certainly a gifted realist.  His elements of composition, color, space and movement are handled with greater sensitivity to detail.

The fifteen-year old boy’s paintings are no child’s play for this 2nd year high school honor student from La Salle Greenhills who started art as early as six years old.

Meet #SkyDeLeon #ChildProdigy #Painter www.jennysserendipity.com #VisualArtist #FilipinoArtist #Art #ArtPH #ContemporaryArts #Impressionism #Realism

Ram Skyler de Leon and Master Artist, Fernando Sena at Walls Gallery

He first studied art basics with acclaimedFernando Sena in 2010 and had several exhibits through him, in venues including Philippine Heart Center, Eastwood Cinema in Libis, and Walls and Art Gallery in Quezon Avenue while contemporary Filipino artist Philip Badon has also helped in shaping Sky’s art.

His comprehensive art education and as well as his exposure to numerous art forms, styles and techniques, finds niche in realism and impressionism through L’arc En Ciel Gallery who is now Sky’s second home in art – a leading art gallery in the country under the tutelage of Elaine Herbosa curator of the L’Arc en Ciel in the South. Sky has also been accepted to the Florence Academy of Art in Italy for next year’s workshop – first Filipino child to be accepted in this prestigious academy.

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Sky with Elaine Herbosa, President and Curator of L’Arc En Ciel Art Gallery.

He wields a brush like an art master. His skill in the impressionist still life is a sight to behold – his copper vases, sunflowers and cherries on white silk organza pop to life with his sophisticated strokes. Sky’s oils in bold colors have unending appeal.

Sky was not like most children as he found solace frolicking with vivid colors and various subjects in his paintings. Sky is an artist whose art are often self-directed, preferring art to other forms of entertainment. Sky believes that creating art in general is not an activity but a way of life for him. It teaches him discipline, courage to go beyond his limits, and to aim for perfection for whatever interest him.

“Still life teaches you to find the beauty in simple household objects and portraiture makes you enjoy the perfection of the in perfection,” ~Sky De Leon
Meet #SkyDeLeon #ChildProdigy #Painter www.jennysserendipity.com #VisualArtist #FilipinoArtist #Art #ArtPH #ContemporaryArts #Impressionism #Realism

Image credit via John Rene Fernandez

Sky has been publicly exhibiting his works since he was 11 years old, starting at the Bahay Tsinoy Museum in Intramuros. He had a solo auction exhibit for the 10th anniversary of The Palms Country Club in Alabang in 2013, where part of the proceeds went to a charitable institution. He has joined Art in the Park two years in a row, ManiaArt 2015, and exhibits in Bellevue Hotel, Tagaytay Highlands, ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum and at L’Arc en Ciel Atelier and Gallery in Ayala Alabang Village.

His rare talent has been featured as Artist of the Week in Solar TV’s morning show, interviewed in other TV programs, and featured in newspapers and magazines. Sky is, after all, just a typical, well-rounded extraordinary talented kid with supportive non-artist parents. His oil paintings have evolved into a more mature depictions and advanced techniques.

“I love what I am doing. It’s very satisfying, seeing a finished work when before there was just a blank canvas,” ~Sky De Leon

***A Selection of  Sky’s Masterpieces***

(Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the artwork, and then swipe or use the arrows to scroll.)


Images supplied by the artist.

The Art and Work of Connie Cabalar

Maria Conception Talinao, aka Connie Cabalar is what you call a traditional realist visual artist. Her goal is to be as realistically as she can be on color choices, subject matter, and what type of brush strokes she applies to the canvas. It is her aim to represent the art subject clearly so that viewer would know what they are looking at. Her choice of medium is in charcoal, pastel, acrylic, and oil. Her fave’s are in portraiture, landscape art, figures, still life, and sometimes, she dabbles in abstract.

Here is an introduction to the artist where Connie shares the story of her art journey, artistic voice and lastly, her inspiration:

Connie was born in Makati City on December 8, 1976 but grew up in Sta. Ana, Taguig City. Her art beginnings started for her at an early age.  Born out of poverty, she used art with the intention to divert her mind from hunger and the realities of a hard life.

She would have given anything to get into Fine Arts in college but like most other Filipino youngsters whose families faced financial setbacks; she had to give her dream up and follow a different path. She then enrolled at the Pasig Catholic College and took a course in Business Administration major in computer management. While in college, she had to work to support her studies and slowly forgot about her love of art.

But in 2011, art came creeping back to her— badgering her to give it one more try.  She was one of those people who have always identified themselves as an artist. So no matter how hard they try to go the normal route of what’s life expect them to do, they will always find a way to do what they are passionate about.

Her hardest challenge is not getting the formal training and education in fine arts. However, at the same time; it serves as an inspiration. Every time there’s a new trial for her, she is pushed to excel. Whenever she is faced with another blank canvas, there’s always that dare to come up with something better than her previous work. In the back of her mind, she feels the fulfillment of finishing the painting with a sense of pride which inspires her even more.

Different artists may have different sources of fulfillment in what they do but for her, the greatest reward is when she sees and hears people appreciate her work after hours and effort that she invested in her craft are all worth the time.

Connie is living her dream. However, her ultimate wish is to be recognized for her art and would ultimately like to inspire others to follow their dream.  She said, when she becomes an established artist, she wishes to give back through outreach works and free workshops. Because for her undying service, this will be the greatest accomplishment and that is sharing what God has given to her.

She is the current seating president of Filipino Artist Realist Movement (FA:RM). She has participated in many art group shows since she began her art journey. Last March 2014, she had her first solo exhibit called “PassionArtility” – Art Association of the Philippines-Kanlungan ng Sining.

***A Selection of Connie Cabalar’s Art Masterpieces***

(Please click on each image to view an enlarged version)

Images used with permission.

Arlene de Castro-Anonuevo (Adec): Poetess & Visual Artist

Arlene de Castro-Añonuevo or “Adecastroan” is a poet and thinker who wielded the paintbrush or pencil as passionately as she did the pen.  She is a versatile gifted artist who occupied many creative realms that provided reciprocal sources of inspiration. She can easily shift from one style to another from realism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, and abstract. She brings her variety of eclectic style and her attention to the finer details of the painting, the use of allegory, the story and emotion she conveys in each of her work that invites the viewer to explore the depths of her subject and have a glimpse of her soul as an artist. She further augments the countenance of her art by using a broad range of medium from pastel, watercolor, oil, and acrylic on paper and canvas. Then, her words follow her paintings, as a poetess who creates a poem in response to her work of art, her words become a way of seeing—a collaboration within the conversation.

“I have a very creative mind, and often the products of my creative mind manifest first in my dreams,” as quoted in INQUIRER.net.

Art was always part of Adecastroan’s life, her childhood hours spent sketching and drawing instead of playing. Native of the rustic town Iba, Zambales by Carlos Gonzales de Castro, a Zambaleno of Spanish descent and Estela Sy Loria, his Chinese-mestiza wife from Pangasinan. Her patriarchal roots in this place can be traced as far back as the time of revolutionary patriot Andres de Castro Bonifacio,” whose mother Catalina who hails from barrio Dirita, is her great grand aunt.

Adecastroan, an AB Sociology graduate of the University of the Philippines who only started painting in 2003 after her early retirement from Cathay Pacific Airways as a stewardess, and later from Midtown Hotel which allowed her to enhance her artistic expression furthermore. Although largely a self-taught artist, she did learn the basics from Filipino master artist “Fernando Sena,” and Arte Pintura artists specifically, “Addie Cukingnam,” “Azor Pazcoguin” and “Rey Ademis.” In the short period of time, she has developed a unique style of her own inspired by the variation of post-impressionism color theory, combined with a keen sense of observation of the natural world. Indeed, her opulently textured artworks are a visual feast to the eyes.

 “I paint my subject as he gets in touch with his inner self. Whenever one looks at my painting, I want him to answer this question: What does it mean to be a person historically, experientially and personally? The viewer has to go beyond the surface and reflect on what he sees so as to arrive at a deeper understanding of the human psyche. This is the foremost reason why I do not render my subject based on the usual standard of rendering it; symbolism always being an integral part of my work. Philosopher Descartes says “I think therefore I am.” In my paintings, I say “I think and I feel therefore I am.” Painting is not a matter of duplicating an image but capturing my subject’s essence- soul on canvas.”~Adecastroan

She is a highly talented painter, blogger and a poetess who sometimes dabble in modeling for photography. She is currently residing in Quezon City and had her first one-artist show in the Heritage Art and Antiquities Gallery in 2009. She has participated in various group exhibits including Katha,” which is a monthly art exhibit on different themes expressed through art by different independent artists.  She is an active member of the Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino Group.” This sociopolitical organization that tackles issues in society and she is involved with visual and performance arts under poetry. Her artworks are also displayed at “Bahay Nakpil-Bautista and joins poetry reading and other Filipino heritage events. Her other interests includes membership in the Screenwriter’s Guild of the Philippines and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The proceeds of her work support her staunch activism for animal rights and welfare.

***A Selection of Adecastroan’s Art Masterpieces***

(Please click image to enlarge)

To contact the artist:

Facebook Pages:

Website: www.adecastroan.blogspot.com

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Margarita Lim: Filipina Painter & Watercolorist

Watercolor artist Margarita Lim was not a Fine Arts graduate; she was actually an accidental artist who attended an art workshop to help her get over the death of her husband.  During her healing process, she prayed and was guided by her art mentors to join the Kulay sa Tubig watercolor invitational competition.  She was a runner up on her first try and won 3 times and was awarded top 5 and elevated to the Hall of Fame, last December 2014.

As an artist, one strives to show that the ostensibly delicate medium of watercolor can be bold, rich in color and dramatic in execution.  When she paints, she aims to understand and see its beauty and simplicity within its complexity. Her paintings capture the very core of her subject and the viewer’s find themselves lost in the world she has created. Her watercolor paintings express a unique way to creatively represents illusions, expressions, and bright feelings.

When she paints, it is not about what you see at first glance it is more about the emotional connection she brings out whenever she chooses an art subject. Her form is the language, the content is the voice. As every artist, they are here to share their gifts with others; it is a valuable healing experience for her and the observer and her art is what she is born to do. She also does dabble in acrylic but her main medium of choice is watercolor.

Her mentors influenced her to do watercolors.

“Thanks to you Henry when I saw you painting a watercolor portrait, you challenged me to excel in watercolor. The 3 persons who influenced me to do watercolor are Boy Ventura, Rody Herrera & you (Henry Braulio); wouldn’t be here without you guys,” the artist laments.

A resident of Pasig City, Philippines, Lim garners much of her inspiration from the Lord and her fellow artists at the Art Association of the Philippines,” where she currently seats as the secretary of the art organization. She was also chosen as one of the KATORSE Ab Initio group of Filipina artists carving out a space for themselves, dedicated to the craft of visual arts. In a short given time, they were able to organize a group exhibit at Arte Pintura Gallery at the Address Condominium WackWack Road last June 17, 2015. She is at present holding a show at the “Junkshop” Exhibit at Art Center, SM Megamall from Oct 9th to 20th of 2015.

***Here are a Selection of  Margarita Lim’s Art Masterpieces***

(Please click image to enlarge)

All artworks used with permission.

Ronnie Pascual: Filipino Painter & Art Instructor Based in Muscat, Oman

To be of great service to people, in assisting them to enhance their creativity and satisfy their appreciation for arts and promoting it as an expression of oneself, hobby, a source of income and a way of living. ~Ronnie Pascual

Ronnie Pascual exemplifies an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who strives to improve his status in life. He was born in Tarlac City and there, he finished AB in Social Sciences and proceeded to Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising at the Tarlac State University. Like many of our “kababayans” (countrymen) looking for better opportunities, Ronnie left the country in 2006.

Through an agency, he was able to go to Jubail, Saudi Arabia as a contracts assistant and moved to Qurum, Oman to work as an artist production officer. Then, he accepted an ideal opportunity to be an art instructor in Muscat, Oman. Ronnie is a passionate educator who rolls up his sleeves to facilitate art classes for children, youth and adults. He stores seasonal display conceptual design & installation, does layout design for advertising and lastly, visits schools for art demo exhibit of related art materials, supplies and resources.

Ronnie is an experienced art teacher, happy to teach with a flair for creativity, team work, independence, resilience, with a background of student centered learning. To supplement his income, he dabbles in freelance work and accepts private artwork orders in sketching, drawings and paintings. He also does art and interior design consultation on the side as well. The artist enjoys his time by deepening his understanding of socially committed art by staying active in the Muscat art scene. He is currently working on artworks for a future solo art show.

His happily engaged in some of Muscat’s art related activities:

  • (April 2015) Muscat local artists have shown just how big their arts are with their generous donations to the Sultan’s School Art Auction 2015,” which raised money for Dar Al Hannan, a home for children with cancer and their families. Out of the artist who contributed is Ronnie Pascual who sold two of his artworks (The Date Series and A Child’s Love & Memory of Her Mother) out of the support of the cause.
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    Filipino Artist Ronnie Pascual at the IDF expo with Paragon Arts team.

    (February 2015) He partakes in one of Paragon Arts IDF Expo with the Paragon Arts team. Paragon Arts is a SCR initiative by highly diverse blend of talented artists, specialized tradesmen, businesses and artisans to aim and focus to encourage and promote a wide variety of arts in Oman.

  • (November 2014) He was a mentor and witnessed the growing number of young creative talents in Oman which was sponsored by Y Magazine’s historic art project, Portrait By A Nation, celebrating Oman’s 44th National Day. 
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    Ronnie Pascual participated at “The 22nd Annual Arts Exhibition 2014” with the “Omani Society of Fine Arts.”

    (November 2014) Two of his oil on canvas paintings was showcased in the The 22nd Annual Arts Exhibition 2014,” a sidelight of the whole-day affair. They were presented to the Omani Society of Fine Arts.” Many of the works are Oman inspired pieces showcasing the different painting, printing and sculpture techniques of some of Oman’s most influential artists to date artist paving the way for future generations of Omani artists to explore, build, install and create a lasting artistic legacy in the Sultanate.

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    Arabic Floral Design – ART of C – City Centre 2014 (19th to 27th of Oct)

    (October 2014) He also took part as one of the 35 selected artists who participated and shared each other’s creativity with the initiative of City Centre Muscat & Qurum in cooperation with the Omani Society for Fine Arts. In celebration of the 44th National Day of Oman,” 44 ‘C’ sculptures was placed in key areas in City Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum, and used as blank canvases for invited artists to transform into wondrous masterpieces.

  • (December 2013) Filipino expats living in Oman responded to the Typhoon Yolanda calamities that ravaged the Visayan islands leaving thousands homeless and helpless. Ronnie donated 3 paintings during an organized exhibit for Typhoon Yolanda victims. Besides a painter and art instructor, he is also a writer and a poet by heart. Here is the poem he wrote his sentiments about Rebuild Visayas called Sama-Sama.
  • (September 2013) His artworks was exhibited at the BT Gallery in SABCO Commercial Center, Qurum.

***A Selection of  Ronnie Pascual’s Art Masterpieces***

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Preview: Beginnings 2014-2015


Portraits: Sketches, Drawings & Paintings 

Learning Never Ends!

Arts for the Philippine Islands – Rebuild The Visayas – Muscat, Oman Auction

EDWIN “Buboy” DINAPO – Award Winning Filipino Painter and Visual Artist

Award winning, internally driven, and emotionally charged, Edwin “Buboy” Dinapo’s original art executed mostly in abstract, human forms, landscape, portraits and still life—have been described as “evoking a feeling of peacefulness and serenity.” Buboy’s works mostly with acrylics but he does dabble in mixed media. When viewing Buboy’s portfolio for the first time, one is under the belief that the works presented are the creations of a master artist. The diverse collections however are the efforts of just one.

Some of his portraits entitled “Mother and Child,”  “Devotion” and “Caroling” are famous these days which is why he became the endorser of the Hallmark Cards in which part of the profit goes towards the care for the kids fighting leukemia.

Buboy Dinapo is a self-taught, abstract painter who hails from Davao City, Philippines.  Moved by his great desire to provide a better future for his family, Buboy decided to move to Manila in 1987. Buboy’s passion for art was so great that even after office work; he found time to play with his brushes and color palettes on a blank canvas and continued the pursuit of his first love—painting. While Buboy has been creating art throughout his life it was not until 2004, after a solid thirteen years of office work; Buboy decided to leave his job and pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist on a full-time basis. He is also a freelance TV & movie actor and you can watch all his videos via YouTube.

In a fairly short period of time, Buboy accomplished unheard of achievements for a self-taught & self-representing artist. Though he did not have any formal training in the Fine Arts, through the years, Buboy learned to love the beauty of nature and mastered his craft by capturing the essence of his own style in every brush stroke. He joined several “on-the-spot” sessions to develop his God given talent as well as provide awareness to everyone who views his art pieces.

In 2006, Buboy garnered the attention of the astute and art critics who dubbed him as the “Prodigy of the Year” and also received the prestigious “Filipino Pride” (Dangal Pinoy) award for the Culture and Arts of Buhay Pinoy category from the Philippine Television Network RPN9 on the 3rd of July 2006. He was also a grand prize winner for “On the Spot Competition” with the theme “Taal Volcano 2004″ by LUNDA Art Group and a second runner-up for the same competition with another theme “Watermelon 2004.”

In recognition of Filipino world-class excellence in 2015, Dangal Nang Bayan awarded Edwin “Buboy” Dinapo “Outstanding Visual Artist”and Asian Achiever Award “Outstanding Artist/Actor for Arts and Culture.”

Some of his original paintings have already been displayed in other countries like the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Buboy also now enjoys the patronage of his collectors such as Manny Pacquiao, Senator Edgardo Angara, Senator Bong Revilla, Senator Chiz Escudero and former Mayor Sonny Belmonte to name a few.

To visit and to learn more about how this self-representing artist made it big click here. Oh yeah, you can also buy art in his shop and connect with him via Facebook.

***A selection of  Buboy Dinapo’s art masterpieces***

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Abstract Series

All artworks used with permission.