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Choosing To Walk On The Right Path

Choosing to walk on the right path,
Is going to have its obstacles.
Temptations will be there to tease,
With attempts to weaken.
And faces familiar…
Will appear to critique.

Choosing to walk on the right path,
Isn’t an easy decision one makes.
It takes one to break away,
From barriers attached…
That are difficult to unlatch.
Can be done to escape those traps.

Choosing to walk on the right path,
Is going to have its obstacles.
And some days will seem impossible.
But that path chosen,
By the one who knows it is correct…
Will never bring to one regret.
If a faith kept is strong.
And an accepting felt within belongs.

Choosing to walk on the right path,
Will prove there to be nothing to fear.
Doubts disappear!
And those things wrong that prick like thorns,
From this right path…
Will be gone!

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Victoria BC
Victoria BC
Victoria BC
Victoria BC
Victoria BC
Victoria BC
Victoria BC

Winter Haiku

Winter in Victoria BC

Its cold and icy!
Paralyzed. Waiting. Longing.
Spring breathes HOPE soon.

Winter in Victoria BC
Winter in Victoria BC

Sunset and You

Sunsets and You

Sunsets are not a rare commodity

they come and go every night
so i compare you not to a sunset
for you come once in a life
your beauty surpases the colors of the sky
painted anew each night by angels on high
for god himself has sculpted you
he made it so your only seen by few
and you do not hide from the moon
as all the sunsets do
rather you shine bright under its silver light
and you dance all night
you do far more than any sunset would
more breathtaking than any sunset could
sunsets have moved and inspired all man kind since forever
but you move me each moment, to a love that sunsets could never

Location: Pasacao Beach, Camarines Sur Philippines



It’s like being a kid again

In my friends garden

A little oasis

Is it heaven

Or just a peaceful place

To ponder about life

And its simple pleasures

A divine bliss indeed

Happy Mother’s Day

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. 

~Jewish Proverb


I Wish I Could Tell You, Mom 
I wish I could tell you, Mom
how much you mean to me….
But there are no words to say
how much I admire you…
how much I appreciate you…
how much I thank you
for everything you’ve done.
Author Unknown 

Photo Credit: Content in a Cottage

Love Is Like A Flower

Love Is Like A Flower

Love is like a flower, beautiful and bold,
If this love is not nourished, it can be hard to hold.
Love like a flower, grows in the same way,
It blossoms and changes with each passing day.
Love is the tiny seeds that grows in our heart,
Hoping this love is a brand new start.
And when this flower shrivels and goes away,
If it is cared for it will bloom again someday.
If the love we felt seems to die,
With patience and hope we will find it again
In another`s eye.
So when love seems hopeless and you are afraid to try
Think about the beautiful flower under a blue sky
Love is like a flower, and it will grow to be,
A beautiful bouquet of love that will last all eternity. 

Source Poem: 2000 LLLee 

Source Photos: My uncle’s garden