MASTERPIECES: 3rd Solo Exhibition by Jensen Moreno

When I paint, I use 110% of my brain to direct my hand to perform a thing called Masterpiece.  ~ Jensen Moreno 2008 Dos Pueblos Art Gallery presents MASTERPIECES, the new solo exhibition by renowned Global Filipino artist, Jensen Moreno opening on April 1st 2016. Masterpieces marks Jensen’s third solo exhibition in Manila. Jensen Moreno was…

The Art and Work of Connie Cabalar

This article is an introduction to the artist where Connie Cabalar shares the story of her art journey, artistic voice and lastly, her inspiration to do more in art.

“Tiinz” Taruc Impressionistic Art

“I went to The Louvre Museum in Paris in the early 1980’s and I fell in love with impressionist painting. Since then, the rest is history.”

Art Kardashian Photography

Art Kardashian fell in love with photography in 2007 with his point-and-shoot camera. Over the years, he upgraded to Nikon DSLR, and currently shoots with D600. He is self-taught and all his work is original. He loves Ansel Adams and his connection with nature. When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images…