Merlito “Noy” Gepte: Award Winning Filipino Sculptor

#MerlitoGepte is a ‪#‎FilipinoArtist‬ and ‪#‎Sculptor‬ who molds and kneads the clay to form delicate pieces that never fails to capture the striking fragility to tell a story of the human condition in all its grandeur. Hope you enjoy this ‪#‎artfeature‬ the same way I did. ‪#‎MeetTheArtist‬ here!

Artist Profile: Kitty Taniguchi Who Took Art To The Next Level

Kitty Taniguchi‘s is a champion of feminine aesthetic and is among the few Filipina painters who had successfully intruded upon a male-dominated art world—a feat back then. A veteran painter who has devotedly explored and experimented themes of femininity and all of women representation’s that challenged the perception and interpretation of social and cultural conventions….

Seo Young Deok’s bicycle chains

Originally posted on Roberta Cucchiaro:
WEDNESDAY: Art Seo Young Deok I just found out today about Korean artist Seo Young Deok because he was featured in The Telegraph’s Picture of the Day. His sculptures attracted my attention not only for their peculiar beauty, but also because of the unusual way they are made and the extremely…