Psychic Chasms: The Art of Iya Consorio-Barrioquinto

There’s no denying it, surreal art dolls can have a macabre side. However, dolls of today represent mystical perfection but also a lifeless beauty which is why dolls have such wonderful representation in the surrealistic art world–they tend to taunt that perfect balance between desire and repulsion. Iya Consorio dolls are full of surrealism and…

The Multiplatform Artist: Surrealist – Francisco “Bobit” Segismundo

Francisco Segismundo is inspired by his multi-colored gamut of famous characters. He quips his subject with playful satirical genial works that give subliminal images. You will usually see an adage of platitude groupings of seemingly unrelated objects and visual allusions with a blast of dramatic elements splattered all over the canvas.