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Our Lady of Peñafrancia Church

Do not know much about architecture, but I am a big fun of NEO Classical Architecture in Churches. Its purest form in style was derived from Classical Greece and Rome – very Baroquish (Baroque in short). At the back of the church, also lies an old cemetery. Blast from the past!

Lovely day spent with my brother…

History of Peñafrancia Church, please go here.

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Stonehouse Gardens Resort Part II


Commadre Gardens

As you know, I love this place so much…That day,  I was like in heaven..Total happiness.

Nature is what I crave for..Not really a city and mall person, I much prefer to be close to nature than among-st sea of people .  So this place helped me decide where to live, I decided today to move to Bicol instead of Manila.

The provincial rate is a lot lower than Manila.  However, with my ingenuity and creativity,  I will find a way to triple or quadruple my earnings. I find that I am more creative and energetic when surrounded by nature.

Plus, my second blog will help promote an organic Bicol based product.  And by living here,  I will be able to help and promote Bicol Tourism too by showing all my wonderful adventures.

So the order from my landlord was really a blessing…This could be my calling.


I would like to extend my gratitude to the owners for their hospitality during my visit. I never forget people who treat me with kindness.

Please feel free to visit their website @ Stonehouse Gardens Resorts 

Toy Banka (Boat)


As soon as we got down Nato Port from Atulayan Island, I saw these two adorable brothers playing with their toy banka (boat). I just had to take a picture. You can see the innocence and joy of  the two brothers showing off their prize toy.


Kids playing with their toy banka (boat) – Nato Port, Camarines Sur Philippines
Kids playing with their toy banka (boat) – Nato Port, Camarines Sur Philippines
Kids playing with their toy banka (boat) – Nato Port, Camarines Sur Philippines
Kids playing with their toy banka (boat) – Nato Port, Camarines Sur Philippines

Mayon Volcano view from Embarcadero Harbor Bay

More shots of the volcano….

My first trip to Sorsogon

My trip to Sorsogon was short but a success. Thank God, we both woke up early enough to get there in time.  The van driver I hired thanks to him drove nicely…It was my first time in Sorsogon and surprised to see so many trees and lots of nature.

Sorsogon is a province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region; it is the southernmost province in Luzon. Perhaps every traveler to Sorsogon City will have heard of whale shark diving when they hear the name of the city. The place to go whale shark diving is in the nearby town of Donsol, which has been dubbed as a whale shark capital. Locally known as butanding, these gentle whale sharks can be seen from October to December as they come to feed on krill and plankton.

Will be back next month..On my free time, thinking of stopping by another tourist attraction in Sorsogon name Bulusan Lake…getting there is a trek but all is fine. If I need to ride a carabao, will ride one…No kidding!

Bulusan Lake

Source Photos: Was taken on the side of the road while heading back to Legaspi…

Cagsawa Ruins

Me and my niece left for Daraga Legaspi to see Cagsawa Ruins earlier today.  Unfortunately, Mayon Volcano was covered with clouds so I was not able to have a good shot of the volcano.  Because of the extreme heat and humidity, we did not stay more than an hour in Cagsawa Ruins…

The church of Cagsawa was built after 1724 by Franciscan friars under Fray Francisco Blanco in the small town of Cagsawa. It was supposed to replace an earlier church built in 1636 that had been burned down by Dutch Pirates. It was destroyed during the most destructive eruption of the nearby Mayon Volcano in February 1, 1814. The eruption killed an estimated 1,200 people in the surrounding areas and buried the town of Cagsawa (among others) under several hundred million cubic meters of ash.

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Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas feat. El Gamma Penumbra


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