Bali New Years Yoga Retreat with Zoe Mantarakis!!!!!!

“The New Year is a powerful ritual time to turn inward, meditate and water the creative dharma within. Join Zoe Mantarakis for a nurturing ritual retreat of celebration and silence, purification and fun, stillness and ecstatic movement, and art in its many forms in paradise.” Bali New Years Yoga Retreat with Zoe Mantarakis!!!!!! Dec 28th,…

Happy TGIF Friday Everyone!

Wishing everyone a HAPPY TGIF! My mind is not working right now. Mentally in the beach….in an isolated island and not thinking of anything. Just me, the beach, my cat, MEDYAS and a Piña Colado. Jenny needs a vacation..Where should I go? Would like to explore my beautiful country the #Philippines Saw this #BBCDocumentary called…

Flower Quotes

“Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature.” – Gerard de Nerval “Be like the flower, turn your faces to the sun.” – Kahlil Gibran A Stone House Gardens stroll.

Casa Loma – The Majestic Castle

I stepped back in time as I explored the former estate of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a prominent Toronto financier, industrialist and military man. The tour of the castle was self-guided and truly enjoyed the enchanting Casa Loma Estate Gardens stroll through five acres of formal and informal specialty areas alive with color and fragrance….


LRV AGRI-SCIENCE FARM & RESORT What a well spent day out with family! As always, those unexpected trips are the most fun ones. Plus, no rain and the sky is as blue as you can get… My sister-in-law suggested LRV Agri-Science Farm Resort in San Bernardino, Calabanga, Camarines Sur. Surprised again!!!!!!!!!!! Just like the Stonehouse…

Winter Haiku

Its cold and icy! Paralyzed. Waiting. Longing. Spring breathes HOPE soon.


This post is about Victoria BC- THE BEAUTIFUL! The city I visited to see a childhood best friend (ANNA) It’s clean and family oriented town The people are great and an outdoorsy type of place There are theaters, restaurants and coffee shops galore Museums, art gallery and the great EMPRESS HOTEL! Everything you could hope for…………….

Stonehouse Gardens Resort Part II

STONEHOUSE GARDENS RESORT Commadre Gardens As you know, I love this place so much…That day,  I was like in heaven..Total happiness. Nature is what I crave for..Not really a city and mall person, I much prefer to be close to nature than among-st sea of people .  So this place helped me decide where to live, I…

Stonehouse Gardens Resort

STONEHOUSE GARDENS RESORT A private rain forest resort Since I have one month left before I come back to Manila, I said why not make the most of my time here in Bicol.  I heard about this resort through google and by my hike to Malabsay Falls Mt Isarog.  So made an effort to wake early and…