The Whimsical Art of Buhay Mendoza

Buhay Mendoza is a ‪#‎FilipinoArtist‬ who turns everyday people into whimsical figures. BUHAY’s ‪#‎WhimsicalArt‬ is a childlike glimpse into his over-active imagination. These creatures are endearing yet enigmatic, and the same time – odd, crisscrossing the threshold between fantasy and reality. ‪#‎MeetTheArtist‬ here!

Featured Artist: Heidi Rodriguez

Her renderings of her subjects embody whimsical and playful presentation of colors. Strong portrayals of mixed cross-cultural elements can also be observed. Avid or not, she so strongly emphasizes the masks behind human existence, like imprints that lack the shadows, and depth of gradation challenged by man’s inability to love and hope. The interplay of…