Nyx Martinez: Social Advocacy and Art as Intoxication

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Nyx Martinez in Italy

Nikki “Nyx” Martinez is an acclaimed artist, a poet, a dancer, a musician, an actress as well as volunteer willing to help out when the need arises.  It’s hard to imagine how one person could take on so many different roles, but Nyx is truly an embodiment of a modern “Filipina.”

With this endeavor and along with her new advocacy of promoting cultural awareness, she hopes to inspire people to find their true calling and make them realize that the pursuit of greatness lies not in declarations of success, but in the lives you touched.

Social Advocacy

The journey Nyx took could not be considered conventional by all means. Nyx was born to Christian missionary parents in Manila, Philippines who grew up in an environment that allowed her to pursue many talents including a life of service at a young age.

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Advocacy Art – Beautiful People”

There are those remarkable few who live to help others. Barring fame, personal gain, and any form of monetary recompense. These people have the heart full of intention to give. And they live remarkably uncommon lives in the “Service of God and Mankind.”

Nyx in every essence is a missionary with a mission to make a difference in the hearts of many lives near and far. Through Our Life Outreach, a non-denominational Christian missionary program that her family started and accompanying her father visit prison inmates on a weekly basis, her first missionary undertaking as an art teacher to abused and neglected kids in a Children’s Education Center in Thailand helped shaped her destiny. 

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“Advocacy Art – Calstika”

Nyx has touched the lives of people from all walks of life from her Thursday sessions with cancer-stricken children kids in PGH. The semi-regular Living Academy of Arts (LAYA) Sessions to the various Fun Day activities she prepared for disadvantaged children. She created ways to draw a silver lining of happiness from the ominous cloud of hardship and poverty.

After two years of full-time volunteerism, she heard of a mission program in Africa but was guarded at first from the lack of financial support to make it possible. This was the point where Nyx felt God’s hand in her life.

In her three years in Africa, she journeyed up north to the “Ik” lands where she created awareness for the then-forgotten tribe through an exhibit of her paintings in Uganda. Never forgetting her passion for helping children, she painted happy stories on the walls of a pediatric ward in Mulago. She was also a local celebrity in every place she visited, and had everything going for her.

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Advocacy Art – IK Man”

Advocacy Art

I wanted to give the Ik people a different representation, do dispute the perception of them being a savage tribe,” she says. “I realized that they were quite different, good mannered people who had just been ignored for all this time.

Nyx first solo exhibition was held in Kampala (2005) to raise awareness of a “forgotten” indigenous tribe called the “Ik” from whom she had met and stayed with for a week in northern Uganda.

Since then, she has continued to support and educated developing communities through her art. She has taught art and creative courses to international students in Kampala, Bangkok, Manila, and Lake Como. Her most recent art exhibition was held in Brussels last June 27th 2015.

In 2005, Nyx moved back to the Philippines, where she hosted Travel TV Shows with Living Asia Channel for 3 years. She also started the FunDayTion, a project to help terminally-ill kids. In 2009, she moved to Europe, where she got married in Denmark, lived in Italy and gave birth in Germany. Nyx is now Features Editor of Mabuhay, the Inflight Travel + Lifestyle magazine of Philippine Airlines. 

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art – Rose”

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art – Wine Painter”

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art”

Painting with Red Wine

“Art as Intoxication

Wine and art have for years been inter-weave in art. Wine as we know is an indispensable component to enjoying and experiencing art. The wine made art concept was recently conceptualized in contemporary art to encourage new and creative methods of incorporating wine experience in art.

I believe art can also wash forth the soul, baring and exhibiting it; transforming the dust of everyday living into powerful experiences of energy and light.

Creating wine art is Nyx’s way of revering all the wonderful gifts life has given.  Her paintings are a portrayal of emotions and inadequacies of humanity. All created with passion. Artworks that is pulsating and energetic.

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art”

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art”

Wine painting is a dynamic form of expression. The texture changes and the colors evolve from red, bright purple and to a more mature tones of amber, orange and brown. Depending on the type of wine, the hues will differ in time. Painting with red wine creates a sense of boundless space and powerful strokes—both that flow and the volatility of this medium makes it a thrilling process for Nyx to explore.

Nyx uses Chinese calligraphy brushes with the deep full-bodied colors and of course, flavors of red wine.  She uses drip-method technique were the paintbrush rarely touches the paper where the stain intensifies with time, their transparent layers deepen, and the final picture emerges. Incorporating drips into a painting, whether they happen purposely or inadvertently, will always give a result that’s intriguing and pulls in a viewer.

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art – Wine Glass”

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Wine Art – Three Wine Glasses”

Adult Coloring Art

Free Fine Art for you to download and color! Just right click to print. Don’t forget to send in your colored versions to Nyx’ Facebook Link!

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“Adult Coloring Art – White Owl”

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“Adult Coloring Art – Tree Dream”

#NyxMartinez #Art #Artist #ArtPh #Writer #Traveller #Missionary #ArtFeature #FilipinaArtist #GlobalPinay #SocialAdvocacy #AdvocacyArt #WineArt #WinePainting #PaintingwithRedWine #AdultColoringArt www.jennysserdipity.com

“Adult Coloring Art – Calma”

Visit Nyx Martinez at www.nyxmartinez.com to sample some original fine-wine art, shop around, or contact the artist for commissions and collaborations. All images supplied by the artist.

Exotic Filipino Wine That Caused 1800s Rebellion Enters Present-Day Wine Market

A Philippine wine that caused a rebellion in the country in 1807 recently entered the wine market. Basi, the Ilocano term for sugarcane wine in the northern part of the Philippines, has been produced in the Southeast Asian nation way before the Spanish conquistadors came to the region.

The Basi Revolt in the early 1800’s took a number of lives from the Philippine and Spanish sides after Spanish-occupied Philippines was subjected to the expropriation of Basi production and sales. A wine brand from the area, Basi del Diablo, recently launched its wine products in the country and is poised to enter the international wine market by 2015. The brand hopes to revive the local winemaking industry in the islands.

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One of their perks for their Indiegogo campaign contributors is a gourmet basket. If you’re in the Philippines, that will include three bottles of wine and a few goodies.

“Our brand has an interesting story, “ says founder and CEO Sigrid Salucop. Almost a hundred years after the Basi Revolt of 1807, Salucop’s great grandfather Gabriel made his very first batch of Basi. Gabriel later passed on his recipe to his seven sons. The youngest, Benito, kept on making the wine and sold it in his small shop at 10 centavos a cup.

“He stored the fermented sugarcane in clay jars just outside of his home located in the downtown area of Batac, Ilocos Norte,” says Salucop. She added that her grandfather’s Basi kept going missing.  “My grandfather thought of something to keep thieves at bay,” Salucop says as she recalls her father’s stories about Benito. “Benito told one of his patrons that he saw a demon in his yard and that it lurked where he kept his wine. From then on, no thieves came near his home. This is where the brand got its name.”

Basi del Diablo currently has a campaign on crowd-funding site Indiegogo to get support for its export goals. (http://igg.me/at/basideldiablo/x/5995939) The proud Filipino brand is set to breathe new life to a more sustainable wine-making industry in the Philippines. Salucop adds, “It’s my dream to employ as many people as possible and buy from neighboring sugarcane farms in the north once we see an increase in demand.”

Lets start 2015 by supporting our own wine.  Please like and visit Basi del Diablo‘s Facebook page. Or,  you can reach Sigrid via her email sigrid@basideldiablo.com.

All images are courtesy of Sigrid Salucop.

Don Ramon Tamarind Wine

Just updated my header with this lovely photo of me enjoying my Don Ramon Tropical Fruit Wine – The Tamarind Fruit.  Tell you, don’t be fooled. It is a pretty strong wine.  I got tipsy and slept pretty darn good last night.  The kind of wine, you would like to take after a longs days hard work.  Yummy! Go check them out…Tomorrow, will stop by Naga City markets and get me some more..

They have Bignay Wine, Banana, Pineapple, Guyabano and many more.. A type of wine that will take you to heaven’s door. 🙂

Don Ramon Tropical Wine Collection (MYA Food Industry)  Don Ramon Tropical Wine Collection (MYA Food Industry)


Why I prefer freelancing?

Please forgive me if I have not been following your blogs lately.  I have been busy with setting up with my new venture and the same time looking for freelance work.

Canarium, The First Virgin Kernel Oil is trading in Alibaba.com!!!


I have not found work yet but still positive that I will be able to find one soon while I pursue my passion of blogging and promoting Bicol’s flagship product “Pili Oil”.  So far, I have received several inquiries in Alibaba and through my Canarium, The First Virgin Blog.  I hope this will lead to some deal pretty soon.

The reason why I prefer telecommuting than working in an office setting because I do have obligations with my family and telecommuting will give me the time to check on my brother.  He is doing so much better now.  He is responding with the medication the doctor prescribed him.  He is starting to talk and slowly by slowly, he is gaining his independence back. He is disabled and healthcare in the Philippines is not off par so one has to be creative in searching for the right doctor especially in the province. I love my brother and this is so far one of the best thing I did in my life. Because of this, I refused to work in an office setting.  I am doing all I can to find work freelancing so I can help my brother and also, follow my passion.

Photo Credit: Empty Easle

Hoping for a miracle!

Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.

Mahatma Gandhi

This is why I enjoy blogging and prefer to do freelance: 

Today I stopped by a Tropical Wine kiosk in the mall. I remembered blogging about the Bignay Tropical Wine (please click on the link) and immediately, the girl remembered me.  She said you’re the blogger in Jenny’s Serendipity. She was surprised to see me and she was following my site and knows what I was doing. I tried the Tamarind Wine and she asked me to come back to try there other products. I told her that my Bignay Wine post is one of my most viewed post and she was delighted when she heard that. Took some pictures of my serendipitous date with Don Ramon’s Sweet Tropical Wine Collection. If you are in Naga City, please stop by:  NAGALAND E-MALL, ELIAS ANGELES ST., NAGA CITY FROM AUGUST 28- SEPT 1, 2012.

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“Bignay Wine” – Tropical Sweet Wine

Guess what I found!

Don Ramon Bignay, a tropical sweet wine, from Naga Camarines Sur. Found this wine the other day while strolling in the Naga City market.

Bignay or Antidesma bunius is a sour edible fruit but often neglected because of its small size. The fruits come in bunches like grapes but this bignay has the size of a toy pellet gun bullet. The seeds are big in proportion to fruit size. The popular product for Bignay is wine. Jam and juice can also be made out of bignay. Added to dish as flavorings. Young leaves can be eaten together with rice. The bark contains a toxic alkaloid. The heavy fragrance of the flowers, especially the male, is very obnoxious to some individuals. The bark yields a strong fiber for rope and cordage.The timber is reddish and hard. If soaked in water, it becomes heavy and, according to Drury, “black as iron”. It has been experimentally pulped for making cardboard.The leaves are sudorific and employed in treating snakebite, in Asia.

The fruit has been used to treat such ailments as dysentery, diabetes, gastric intestinal problems and indigestion to name a few. The potent antioxidant properties of these compounds cannot be explained alone by the presence of vitamins, minerals or fiber content. These plant compounds which help protect the fruit against its environment have numerous health benefits to humans. The most prevalent of these compounds in bignay fruit are a group of flavonoids in the sub-class known as catechins, identified as procyanidin B1 and B2. Catechins, also found in red wine and dark chocolate, have antioxidant properties and are free radical scavengers, meaning they help prevent free radical damage to DNA. This means that catechins are anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging  They can also help protect us against cardiovascular diseases.

By the way, the fruit tree is also found in Florida introduced by Philippines during the earlier part of the century.

How to make Bignay Wine?

1. Extract the juice by mashing or crushing. Filter or strain the juice to remove any solid particles. Add 200-300 ppm sodium or potassium metabusulfite to prevent contamination and browning. Place the treated juice in a sealed container and keep it for 24 hours. In case the metabisulfite solution is not available, simply boil the juice.

2. Before fermenting, test the acid and sugar contents of the treated juicer or must. for testing acid content, use pH paper. To produce dry wines, set pH at 3-4. For sweet wines, use pH 3.5-5.5. Adjust pH with juice or citrus or unripe fruit, or dilute with water.

To test sugar content, use the hand refractometer. A reading of 20 oB is good for dry wine and 25oB for sweet wine.

3. Add yeast to the must. Commercial dry-wine yeast starters can be used, but good results can be obtained with pure cultures of wine yeast in agar slants. Fleischman’s or baker’s yeast can be used, but it imparts a “bready” aroma and flavor to the wine.

4. Stir the mixture thoroughly and transfer it to fermentation containers. Enamel, floss, wooden oak, earthenware, and plastic containers are suitable for wine making. Wide-necked vessels are preferable for pulp-fermentation to facilitate removal of pulp and cleaning. Narrow-necked containers are best suited for juice fermentation and storage, since they can be sealed easily with a lock or rubber bung.

5. Seal the fermentation container with a water valve or water bung. When bubbles form, it means that fermentation is going on. The rate at which gas bubbles through the bung indicates the rate of fermentation.
Do not allow the temperature to drop below 19oC or exceed 28oC.

6. After four or more weeks, the absence of gas indicates the end of the fermentation.

7. Siphon the clear liquid into sterile bottles or oak barrels. In moving the jar, be careful not disturb the sediment. Fill the bottle or barrel with semi-clear wine 1.5-2.5 cm below the cover, so that only a minimum amount of air is allowed inside.

8. Age the wine for one year or longer. Longer aging results in more mature and mellow wines. If sediments form, transfer wine into another bottle.

9. after aging, the wine should be clear. When it is not, use clarifying agents, such as egg whites, gelatin, milk, bentonite or powdered charcoal. Add and stir the agent. Let it stand for 7-10 days, and filter the wine into clean, properly sterilized bottles. Seal bottles with cork.

10. Store wine with drive-corks in horizontal position. Place the bottles in a cool, well-ventilated, and dark place.

Source: Pinoy Food Recap