“Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.”

Brooks Atkinson


  1. EVERYDAY count your BLESSINGS. You will be HAPPIER.
  2. Every JOB is a SELF-PORTRAIT of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with EXCELLENCE. ~Author Unknown
  3. GOD HELPS those who help THEMSELVES.
  4. Try to LEARN something NEW as you do not know when you will use it.
  5. DON’T put all your EGGS in ONE BASKET – try to have as many as you can.
  6. Pick your FRIENDS wisely as ATTITUDE can be contagious.
  8. GIVE AND BE GENEROUS but know your LIMITS.
  9. Learn to say NO to people or they will step over you.
  10. Low self-esteem can destroy your life, build your self-confidence UP.
  11. Lastly, take care of YOURSELF first – listen to your body.

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Jenny’s Words of Wisdom (Nothing in Life is Permanent)

Jenny Words of Wisdom on Nothing in Life is Permanent

Nothing in life is permanent.  We must all learn to compromise and be adaptable to change. Whether it is personal or it is regarding your professional life, it is imperative to be ready all the time as the world and people can be fickle. Learn a new skill; maximize your creativity as much as possible so when that change comes, you are ready and not scared. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Try to have as many baskets as you as you can so when one falls apart, it is easy for you to pick up the pieces.

~ Jenny Bichara


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Law of Cause & Effect


“If you want to comprehend the causes that existed in the past, look at the outcomes as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to apprehend what results will be expressed in the future, look at the grounds that exist in the present.”

To the extent that we love others, we will be loved. To the extent that we work for others’ happiness, we will enjoy protection and support. This is the law of cause and effect.

Buddhism holds that everything is in a constant state of instability. Thus the question is whether we accept change flaccidly and are cleared away by it or whether we take the initiative and create positive changes on our own wits.

Unassuming virtue brings conspicuous reward. From the point of view of Buddhism, we never fail to receive the effect of our actions, whether good or bad; therefore, it’s meaningless to be insincere or to make-believe to be something we’re not.

Every family has its own set of issues and problems that only its members can fully understand. One thing I can say, however, is that, no matter what kind of people your parents are, they are your parents. If you did not have those parents, you would not be alive. It is important we understand & respect this despite their short comings and misgivings. Believe me…

Present effects are due to karmic causes from the past. However, future effects arise from the causes we make in the present. It is always the present that is important. It is what we do in the present that chooses our future; our past causes do not govern our future as well. Buddhism points that no matter what kind of karmic causes we have made in the past, through the causes we make in the present we can achieve a happier & bright future.

I rejected my chaotic past and the cause of that were cosmic & karmic catastrophe’s.  The only way to make way for my future is to accept the past and to make the present changes I need in order to move forward for my own and my family’s betterment.

Love your parents; love your family and mostly, treat people right despite their standing in life as whatever we choose to do in our life has tremendous karmic effect on our present lives and the future as well.

Source: Words of Wisdom


I am tired of waiting for life to bless me. I am going to find my own blessing now. Wisdom!


Each morning you arise to a new day but you feel as though you are picking up from where you left off yesterday. Years have passed and it seems to be a losing battle. You are tired and want to give up, nothing seems to be working.

There’s a door and through the door is the freedom you desire. You’ve never seen the door for yourself but you’ve heard whispers from the people who share the room with you. They’ve heard stories from others before them that there is something magical beyond the door that sits at the end of the hallway. They’ve watched people enter and leave the room, some come back and others don’t.

As you look around the room you see an old man. Softly you ask him, “What keeps you locked in this room?” He looks at you and whispers, “I am a casualty of the…

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